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Im living in the UK about 2 years. Now I applied and received

Customer Question

I'm living in the UK about 2 years. Now I applied and received "UK residence documentation for a national of an EEA state" (Directive 2004/38/EC)
Does this document automatically cancel the residence of my country? Or legally I'm not a resident of my country since I moved from there "permanently"?
(I'm Latvian citizen, just in case)
I'm asking just because my lovely country starts to collect difference in the taxes from citizens who earn money outside of the Latvia. And I have never heard before how it is possible. Latvian government gives very tricky answers to the questions, so it is impossible to understand what I have to do and how... I think they are interested to take as much money as they can from the people like me.
But as far as I know they can't ask anything from the people who aren't residents of the Latvia.
So I would like to know when and how my Latvian residence was cancelled (or will be cancelled)
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.


Thanks for your question.


Can you confirm that you what you applied for and received was a Registration Certificate confirming your right of residence in the UK please?

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Tom,

I think so. Take a look to the picture (scanned document):

Sorry, link is too long. Shortened version:

Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



Thanks for your question.


That's a workers registration certificate which confirms that you can and are registered to work in the UK. It does not mean that you have permanent residence in this country, although as a national of an EEA member state you do of course have the right to exercise your treaty rights by staying and working here.


It does not revoke your citizenship of Latvia. Even if you were to eventually apply for permanent residence of the UK (ie. effectively Indefinite Leave to Remain for EEA citizens) your Latvian Citizenship would remain in tact.

The only circumstance in which it may be revoked by the Latvian government is if after having attained Permanent Residence you then applied for and then were naturalised as a UK citizen, but this would only happen if the Latvian Government does not permit Latvian citizens to hold dual passports.


I can't comment on the Latvian government's policy on tax collection because this is a UK law forum and there are no Latvian solicitors here.

If this is useful please kindly click accept so that I may be rewarded for my time. You will be free to ask follow up questions.

Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I've read an article about an agreement that is signed between all EU countries. This agreement doesn't allow to take taxes twice. So if I'm citizen of one EU country but I'm working in another EU country, my country can't ask me to pay any taxes, as I'm paying it to the country where I'm working.
Is it correct?
The article I've read is in Russian, so I can provide automatic translation only:

I think it is European laws, not Latvian.

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