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Do I have to be working to make an application for my husband

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Do I have to be working to make an application for my husband to remain as married to uk citizen. I understand that we have to show that I can support him without recourse to public funds. I have no job but I have 17 thousand pounds. would that be sufficent



Could you provide some more information about any income you have, your accomodation, other outgoings and what your husband could reasonably expect to earn post application?


Please also state his current immigration status.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Unfortunately my husband is an overstayer. We have a religious marriage and have made an application for permission for British legal marriage. I have 17 thousand in the bank and only receiving child tax credits no other benefits not even rent allowance for our rented accommodation. We are living on my savings as I have no job though desperately looking for one. I have no debts/loans or anything, just normal living costs. My husband has a masters degree from his country and would expect to be able to work as a teacher in a private school. I need to look into if he can get his degree recognised here in any way, but that's another issue.




You obviously need to regularise your marriage to have it recognised here before you apply for a spouses visa and I assume you are doing this by an application for certificate of approval.


The criteria for a spouses visa is that you must be able to support and house each other without the need to access public funds.


If you are legal in this country and claiming child tax credits then this will probably be okay, but they may reject the application if you attempt to rely on any increase in those credits that you would receive by virtue of being married to your husband. Do not include these.


Provided you can show there are jobs that you both can do (ie. job advertisements, your respective qualifications) and evidence the money you presently have available then you should meet this criteria assuming you adequately evidence your budgetary requirements for the money available and your current expenses. THey may reject on first instance but you will have leave to appeal and you generally get a fairer hearing of the evidence on appeal.


You should consider instructing a solicitor to act on you r behalf when you make the application.


Provided you can get married without him being deported then the overstay will probably not be fatal to your application.


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