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i need to go to bed its will look at email when i wake up ok

Resolved Question:

hi,iam getting married in the gambia on 12nov,iam disabled myself and on dla and income support disability topup,i have just found out that the home office in gambia are no longer issueing spouce visas if the uk citizan is on bennifits same as me(i no what i have been told is true as the man iam marring auntie has recently married a male friend of mine in the gambia), due to recent changes on there rules. surley this would be disability discrimation? i have known my partner for 4yrs 9months and can prove that i have been there a few times to see him,have all texts,emails,phone cards ect. its not like i have just met him and marring to give him a visa for money or any thing else.i will of course still marry him on 12nov but this is worring us both we dont want a long distance marriage, a relationship has been hard to deal with at times when iam unwell, can you clarify whet is or is not correct urgently please?iam leaving the uk on the 4th nov.there mite be other paperwork to take thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Clare replied 7 years ago.


i am afraid that the fact you are in receipt of income support means that you are not entitled to apply fr a spousal visa for your husband as you have to show that you can live without recourse to public funds


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
you have not told me any thing i do all ready now i posted lots of questions can you answer all of them please? up untill these new rules came into affect you could get a visa in you were on bennifits,this i no for a fact. would it not come under disablity descrimation? i get over £1050 every 28 days that is more than enough money for 2adults to live on. if he had a spouce visea he would be allowed to work and have a ni number, so he would earn an income and support me getting me of bennifits please answer all previous questions and the new ones
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
please answer all the questions that i have asked? in the 1st posting. your answer just confirms what i thought.
Expert:  Clare replied 7 years ago.


i have researched it a little further and the requirement that you have to show that you and your spouse can maintain your spouse without recourse to public funds has been in place now for some time but it is possible to make the application on the basis that there will be no requirement for any further public funds and a web site setting out the requirements is here

it is possible but in fairness it may take longer than you originally expected - but it can be done


Clare and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you

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