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Category: UK Ford
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hi all, Im havin problems with my transit connect, it wont

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hi all, Im havin problems with my transit connect, it wont rev over 1500rpm, i was advised to change fuel filter (from expert on this site) and i did that and still the same, ive also changed the catalytic converter and still wont rev up, i cant keep throwing money at it guessin what it could be, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx for takin time to read my question

Hi there dqqq0l7m , Ok the most common issue we see is Faulty Throttle Pedal

the throttle pead is a fly by wire pedal ( no cables ) it is wired straight to the PCM ,

Ideally you should have a fault code check done as this would clarify if such a fault was the issue ,

Other things that can cause such a fault are blocked /collappesd air filter

remove the filter and re-test the vehicle ,

faulty throttle flap on the side of the inlet mainfold , ( quite common for the linkage to break off causing little air to be drawn into the engine )

collapesd or block intercooler

dissconnectthe air intake hose off the side of the inlet manifold and inspect the throttle linkeage and test the vehicle

remove the air intake hose to the turbo ( engine off and check that the turbo fins rotate freely and are in good condition ,

MAP ( manifold absolute pressure ) boost sensor) issues can cause boost issues

again a fault code check would clarify this )

Also a faulty EGR valve would cause issues like this but you would get black smoke from the exhaust as well ,

i hope this information will be of use to you

if you need anymore help or advice on this issue plesae let me know

if you are completley satisfied with my answer/Advice PLEASE CLICK ACCEPT

Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX


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