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i have a 2003 transit connect and the blowers have stopped

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i have a 2003 transit connect and the blowers have stopped working. there is neither hot nor cold air coming from them. need help please. thanks
Hi there Jim , Ok does the fan blower work on any speeds 1,2,3,4 ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no mate no air comes out at all

Ok the first step is to check the main blower motor fuse

this is FUSE 64 ( 30 amp ) this is located in the battery junction box in the engine bay,

check the condition of this and if possible the voltage before we carry on with the diagnostic


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok, checked that it looks fine.

Ok as long as there is battery voltage at the fuse , dissconnect the blower motor multiplug ( this can be accessed at the passengers footwell are , its a 2 pin multiplug with 2 thick wires going to it

put the ignition on and measure the voltage at pin 1 ( green /orange ) wire ( should be 12 volts or more )


if voltage is present check the ground connection at the blower motor multiplug

put the ignition with to off position and set the blower speed to 4

then measure the resistance between pin 2 ( black and red ) wire and ground

should be less than 2 ohms


i suspect all the above will check out ok and the motor itself is faulty

this is a straight forward job to do your self and is only a case of removing three screws

and chanhing the motor


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

right ok checked the readings they are all sound so where do i get a motor from, where do i find it on the car and what do i do to change it?


Hi there , Ok the blower motor is located in the heater box and can be accessed from the passengers footwell , remove the passengers footwell lower trim , then remove the footwell air duct , dissconnect the multiplug and then remove the 3 screws that holds the blower motor into the heater box , the motor will just come down by hand ,


the best and cheapest place to get one is from a breakers yard as the ford price is around 140 pounds where as a breakers will cost you 20-30 pounds

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok sound, and do i have to find a transit connect for a blower motor or do other models have the same unit, i.e. fiesta focus etc. because if they all have the same motor i might have an easier job finding one at a breakers.
No you need to fid a transit connect or transit toureno as all motors have different fittments and housings
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