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Clare, Family Solicitor
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I am in the UK and Child services removed my wife and

Customer Question

I am in the UK and Child services removed my wife and children from the home 7 months ago. I want to jointly ssue with my wife.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Family Law
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first

What has actually happened?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I took my wife to a restaurant on 6/4/2015. Innocenty at 11 o clock a man started calling the Police for "no apparent" reason. The Police came to our door at 11.30 pm and arrested me for suspecting assault on my wife. My wife confirmed that she was not assaulted. My wife suffers from panic attacks and was deeply disturbed by the Police presence. I was taken to Torquay cells and upon my release, I discovered that my wife and children were removed from the home by child services. A Policeman turned the place upside down and wanted my passport. Bridget was taken to a place of safety and told that if she did not comply the children would be taken off her. Child services kept her in Paignton until such time as I left Torquay. In their custody they began to visit her and informed her of a Child protection she had to attend with various "professionals". The Plan was that I was a threat to my children and as such she was not to have contact with me and that I was also a threat to my children in that I would kidnap them. Laura Toderescue was asighned to her and distressed her deeply to the extent that she fled to Northampton where the Child Protection Plan was once again enforced. She was to attend meetings and I eventually returned to Torquay and moved our things to Wales. She has now been assigned a Social Worker by the name of Rose who has been told that she was never assaulted and that I am no threat to my children, Isaac (6) and Elijah (4). I was working in South Africa and Bridget was staying in the UK. We planned on settling in the UK permanently due to the childrens education needs. I am British. I attended Court on the 13th June and the charges against me on the assault charge against Bridget were dropped.I accepted a bargain of paying compensation to the man of 100 GBP on the basis that it was not a criminal offence, but admitted to the fact that he may have been scared when I approached him and informed him not to call the Police. I believed he had done so because Issaac had scremed for a toy in the car. He however did not here anyone scream , but felt he had to call the Police. I have encountered a torrent of lies, moonlighting and total disregard in respect of my children from Child Services. Bridget has got sick and our relationship is undergoing damage as a result of the Child Protection Plan instituted by Nathan Headland from Torquay Safeguarding..My wife has changed due to the continual pressure in safekeeping and my children are most unhappy, especially Elijah. I believe it is child Services to cause permanent damage to my children and Bridget, and to cause me the loss of my family and especially my children. We are all suffering bitterly, emotionally and financially. more than 7 months have passed since this started. Regards, ***** *****
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Are you now back together?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Someone sent me a document called a "Child Protection Plan". Meetings are being held in secret and even though my wife was not assaulted they keep her in a refuge in Northampton. She lost the original home in Torquay due to being hounded by the Child Services. The Police and Social Services turned the home upside down so she was forced to move to Northampton. The Child Protection Plan is a document that controls many aspects of her life. she has to comply or otherwise she is threatened with them removing the children off her. No notification or communication has been given to me concerning her or my children. This is basically a forced child abduction by Child Services. No-one attending these secret meetings has ever met me and they do not know me at all. A torrent of lies have been made up and this has just become a sick game that is played with our lives. My children have been affected very badly. My children were interviewed without consent at both schools they attended. Financially we have lost a lot of money and I had to sell our holiday home. The "Child Protection Plan" was instituted against this Family as my wife is an Irish traveller and I grew up in South Africa but am British. It is a strange sort of Satanic ritual to destroy Bridget and I and hence my children. Bridget is suffering terribly and I sense these sick individuals are enjoying it. A South African woman (Head of the Chair) refused to drop the "Child Protection Plan". She is Afrikaans and as such I see the evil of Apartheid in her. This race was responsible for the evils of Apartheid and now she is practicing such in England. Bridget was poorly treated by Afrikaans folk when she stayed in South Africa with me. we were continually fined at Airports and border posts because of the fact that she was Irish. I also had to pay large fines for my own children. We are really sick of the way we are treated and came to England to escape the persecution only to find that the Social Worker is a black Zimbabwean and the Head of the chair is an Afrikaner who both continually abuse my family without evidence. I as a Father have requested documents but after 7 months have received nothing. A human rights lawyer was going to help Bridget but nothing came of it. Bridget has to contend with these people alone as they have forcefully seperated the family and accuse her night and day. She is suffering phycologically and I believe this will affect our Family for years to come.There is no evidence of Domestic violence in our family and Bridget and I have always got along well. We both are doting parents. Child Services are made up of extremely sick people who stand for the destruction of this Family. The case of assault against Bridget was dropped in Court as there was no evidence of any assault taking place. I believe there is a strong possibility that we were set up on the evening of the 6 April after I took Bridget to a restaurant that evening. The Police came to our door and arrested me at 11.30pm after it was confirmed that Bridget was not assaulted in the street, punched unconcious and kicked as alledged. The children were to attend school the next day and we were going to bed. The policeman had just started their shift that evening. The following day Bridget was forced to go to a refuge or else they would take her children. These people are the filthiest fluent liars and have no shame nor understanding of a parents rights. Bridget's story is horrible and she has suffered terribly at their hands. She was diagnosed with panic attacks many years ago and this situation has caused extreme trauma in her life. My children have also been harmed and terrible and false allegations have been made against me, but the truth is that these people know nothing about me. They are specialists in twisting the truth, and know nothing about me as I lived in South Africa for the past 9 years. I have never encountered the type of people that I have encountered here. They are devoid of all truth and continually pester Bridget and the children for a "confession". Like evil satanic manhaters they are waiting patiently for Bridget to "confess" that she was abused. They are simply breaking the law and kidnapping children. They think they are clever by doing this as several individuals plan against Bridget and the children. They continually find fault with my children but are so stupid that they do not realise that they are responsible for the problems they are creating for my family. I believe behind this facade of "doing good" and "protecting" lies incredible evil. The root of the problem is the money involved as the State is paying for this "torture" of my children and Bridget. Bridget has been in their clutches for 7 months now, is being controlled by child services and has been threatened that the "Child Protection Plan" will go on for longer. These are incredibly sick people who derive enjoyment from damaging peoples lives. Bridget is an excellent mother. Please help!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We have always been together, but are not, as she is being prevented by a document that will follow her around England and Wales.A policeman issued a Marak against her which meant she was regularly stopped by the Police as the pick up her car plates on computer. This is Police harrasment to the greatest degree. I am described as a danger to my children and there is a threat that I may kidnap them. This is untrue as is everything else they have said. This is presumption and "moonlighting" and also causing people to believe that such is possible. This is making me the victim of a Satanic Trap. The issue here is a secret document called a "Child Protection Plan". A Chair sits at a main meeting where the mother can attend with a representative and generally gets bad news and a torrent of lies from these sick and evil people. I have no doubt in my mind that their involvement with Families is not wholesome and forms part of a sick teaching and more importantly a "hidden agenda" from higher up. I firmly believe that "homosexual" involvement in respect of children is probably the root cause of the problem. It is no secret that homosexuals and lesbians as well as transsexuals have openly expressed the desire to raise children, thereby proving themselves to be fit parents. This idea is a relatively new one and obviously not in line with proper Christian understanding. It is no mistake that I refer to the issue as Satanic as I firmly believe the idea is a Satanic one. The fact that such may be preached from the Church of England does not mean that the understanding of such is indeed rooted in Satanic understandings. Parliament, according to a report is controlled by openly gay individuals and MP'S. At last count 30% of MP'S were considered gay. A gay and lesbian agenda in respect of children may and probably is the root cause of the problem. My calls to Child Services have revealed such to be true and a man-hating and homosexual spirit is easily identified.The men I have encountered have all been effeminate and I would suggest that employment by Social Services requires this as most people are fooled in to believing that effeminate males make good father's in this country. This is of course only a deception and absolutely untrue. On the contrary, effeminate individuals (males) are more prone to pedophile rings in the UK. This scenario is of great concern to me even the fact that I have 3 sons. The amount of homosexuals in this country is alarming. It is bringing about a distorted view of parenthood as sexuality is not openly discussed. These individuals are active in schools openly engaging with the Police while this filthy game is being played on normal, happy families. These disgusting people are unhappy at grass roots level and are attacking healthy and happy families in this manner.
However, a Human Rights issue has to be persued in respect of our family as we have the right to a Family Life. Bridget and I want to sue jointly and severally and also persue a matter of defamation and discrimination. Therefore the fundamental spirit of Homosexuality, must be downplayed in order to acheive this end. In a country where the rights of Homosexuals are overplayed it would not be wise to pursue such a viewpoint in a Court of Law but to follow the EU's guideline as a right to a Family life. This includes Homosexuals in the basic Constitution as they are now included even to the degree of the Institution of Marriage. It is therefore neccessary to tackle the unproved allegations in Court and to claim injury to Bridget, my children and damage to our Family life caused by the olice and child services. The SS is a fitting description of them, even though they have changed the name to CPS (Child Protection Services), thereby creating the illusion that they have the same power as Crown Prosecution Services. This is no coincidence as it shows a jealousy regarding the powers rightfully given to Prosecution Services. The use of the same, by Child Services, I conclude has deep seated Satanic origins. It must be outlawed as the powers are not the same. A "Child Protection Plan" in it's current format is both childlike, illegal and abusive to children. This is similar to an engineering document for components that is commonly referred to as a "Quality Control Plan"under the ISO System. It's use for the control of human beings must be declared illegal, and may only be considered in Child Kidnap cases, where a kidnap is known or suspected to have taken place.
Please keep this information I have supplied regarding my family in the strictest of confidence presently.
Bridget and I are firmly agreed and resolved to take our ordeal to Court and would also consider the EU Courts as we are both Irish. we do not want our Family destroyed by this evil force. please help...
Mark Kay ***********
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

When did you last see your wife?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The Child Protection Plan prohibits me from seeing my wife.
The children could be seen, but the Social Worker has not called me back. The situation is extremely vague.
I cannot at this point give any further information as I am not in agreement with a Child Protection Plan and should be able to see my wife and children whenever I want. What is being done is criminal and certainly a fundamental violation of my human rights. Bridget and I are not seperated. They are simply by their presence creating problems where there were none. Our relationship has been affected as it has caused mistrust between ourselves. Any contact Child Services has with me bears no fruit and the oppertunity is used to inflame the situation even further. I feel violated by these people and my childrenare under great stress. Their presence in our lives has made us all psychologically sick. I have no doubt that there presence has effected Bridget and my relationship which suffers every day as they keep her under this Plan. Every opportunity is used by the Social Worker to lie to my wife. As a result I do not want contact with these people as they are clearly running a mindless vendetta against my family which is resulting in financial loss. The issue is causing tremendous stress , pain and suffering. Their involvement is damaging my family and and overwhelming presence of evil is felt. I speak to Bridget on the phone and she has changed completely. Bridget has told me that a conference is being held concerning the family. People are openly discussing my family with absolute disregards ***** ***** or my rights. I want to sue for damage to my family and myself over the last 7 months. i owe this to my children and Bridget. I am the head of this household and these rights have been seriously violated.My family is being destroyed by Social Services and a Child Protection Plan without any consultation with me is both criminal and illegal. Bridget is not a willing participant in this Plan. I want to sue for damages.
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Has your wife considered returning to Ireland?

have you received any of the paperwork at all?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
She has not considered going to Ireland as she is waiting for the Child Protection Plan to be removed as there was no assault and she has confirmed such. I care deeply for my wife and children so there is no intention to split. I have received no paperwork from Child Services but did receive the Child Protection Plan as it was delivered by post to our address in Torquay. I believe someone felt that the issue was wrong and sent a copy to the Torquay address. Child Services also wanted to know about the copy as the document was "secret" I suspect. The lack of transparency is obvious and since this plan was put into force with Bridget denying any assault and the fact that the case was dismissed in Court tells me there is something underhanded and horribly wrong. We do not want our Family destroyed by these people. Bridget and I love our children and we have done nothing wrong. There is no case for us to answer. Bridget has suffered greatly. I do speak to her and it is clearly evident that Child services is making her and the whole Family sick. We have never had any intention of going our separate ways. I feel that Child Services are doing what is Satanic and certainly not helping at all. On the contrary they are trying to destroy my relationship with her and my two sons. This is clearly evil. I expect some form of paperwork as I have asked for it. Currently the paperwork is not available ( 8 months later). This is clearly abuse as I have asked for it. I have not had any meetings , just an assessment, which I felt was not needed or required as there was no case to answer, except for explaining the fact that they are causing my family harm and damage. My wife was born in England (Chester) and has family here. Elijah was born in South Africa and Isaac in Torquay, Devon.
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Have you attended any of the meetings and have you and your wife considered moving abroad together?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have not attended any meetings, nor am I invited to such.
I do not have a case to answer concerning Bridget or my children.
I do have full ability to look after my family. I have moved to Wales afater a brief stay in Torquay.
We have recently come back to the UK to raise our children, when this nightmare took place.
I do not see why we should be forced to leave the country by Child Services.
We were both born in the UK. Bridget and I have no reason to seperate. we both love our children.
I am not sure why this is an avenue. I can sue for damages to my Family.
Do you know of any one who can file an Application for a damages claim at Court for the conduct and actions of Child services?.
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

When did you last see your wife face to face - this is important

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand the importance of the question. My wife is a round trip of 300 miles away. At great cost and inconvenience, I have seen her a few times. I do not wish Child Services to inflict any further harm on her so this information will have to be confidential. We cannot live like this as a couple.
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

At this point of you wish to bring matters to an end then there are two stark choices.

Either you and your wife plan to move abroad so that you can be together


You and your wife have to decide to defy Social Services and move back in together.

At that point Social Services will have to either step back OR issue Care Proceedings.

If they issue proceedings then the truth of all the allegations will be put to the test, you will be cleared and at that point you can claim compensation for all that you have been through.

I am afraid that this is the only option open to you as until you have done this there is no other applictaion that you can make - other than the complaints process of course


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have already been cleared. There is no evidence of an assault nor was there any assault. My wife has also confirmed that there was no assault. The allegation is false. This is indeed a very strange understanding under the circumstances. I do not think I am wrong labeling such practice as Satanic.The case was dismissed 4 months ago in Court.
Can I proceed with a case. What kind of evil is this?
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Whilst I understand your reference to satanic I am afraid in fact it is not an unusual case by Social Services standrads.

Your options are as set out above I am afraid