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morning this is a difficult one..i live beneath a golf club

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morning this is a difficult one..i live beneath a golf club and have to live in with the job as stward. This year the commitee decided that the franchise could do early morning breakfasts starting at 6.30 i
my bedroom is under the kitchen, i work late on friday and most saturday nights till 12-1ish and have sunday off i think you are understanding my problem, the chairman has been down to my room and agrees how noisy it is and have now issued me with ear plugs i have been here for 3 years and do have to be woken by the cleaners and greenkeepers and societies which i have dealt with but i am feeling very stressed ,irritable, and tired since the breakfasts started can you please give me some advice on my standing in this problem.. thank you

This is a health and safety issue for your employer as your health is being affected by this and your employer is under a statutory duty to look after your health, safety and welfare.

If your employer is not doing anything more to make your sleeping arrangements more peaceful for you, you may complain to your local authority's environmental health section and ask them to intervene.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi again thank you for that answer.. but my commitee say there is nothing they can do. I replied that the club is not actually getting any money out of the breakfasts as it is a franchise but their reply was its what the members want.... i did ask if i could move out and be paid a salary higher so as to rent somewhere else ... their reply no we cant afford it... so basically shut up or get out ... meanwhile my health is suffering or i leave.

Thank you.

In that case it seems you may have to complain to your local authority as per my previous answer.

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