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I have a 2003 Mercedes Sprinter with the semi-auto gearbox.

Customer Question

I have a 2003 Mercedes Sprinter with the semi-auto gearbox. Normally, moving the gear lever to the left selects auto and the gearbox acts like an automatic transmission and the letter A appear son the dashboard display. However, when I move the gear lever to the left I get number '1' on the dashboard display, and while I can drive, the box is in manual mode and I have to tap the gear lever to change up through the gears. On slowing down, the box downshifts okay and If I stop completely selects first gear again. The other issue which I think may be related is that I can't get the van to pull more than 3,500 rpm in any gear. I would appreciate any ideas on what the problem may be. Thanks in advance
Submitted: 12 days ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  rpmdiag replied 12 days ago.

Here’s the sequence of events I follow:
Check fluid level and color. Make appropriate repairs.
Check shift solenoids with a scan tool in bidirectional mode if
applicable. Shift solenoids are inside the transmission and this is
the easiest way to check them.
Drop pan and inspect for excessive metal shavings inside pan.
Check valve body and clutches visually.
Hopefully you may not have to go this far, maybe you just were a
bit low on fluid.
Please understand that I don't know your skill level or tools you
have to assist us. Also understand that I can't see, smell, hear, or
touch the vehicle either, so your patience is appreciated. JA is a
great Q/A site, but it does not replace a repair shop. So please
don’t shoot the messenger if I have to deliver bad news:)
Thanks again and please remember to rate me 5 stars now and keep
this link in case you need me again later on.
I don’t get credit for assisting you until you rate me

Expert:  rpmdiag replied 12 days ago.

Do you have any more questions for me?

Thanks, Ron

Expert:  rpmdiag replied 11 days ago.

If you are satisfied with my answer, I would greatly appreciate a 5
star rating now and I will still assist you after you have rated me
too if another question pops up. I don’t get credit for helping you
until you rate me.
Thanks again, Ron

Expert:  rpmdiag replied 8 days ago.

Our goal here is to assist you in the repair of your vehicle by
supplying you with well educated information. We may not always
have the exact fix you wanted to hear, but our job is to get you on
the right track, which we always do. We can’t hear, see, smell or
touch your vehicle from where we’re at, so your understanding of
that is greatly appreciated. There are no magical or miraculous
answers, but we do our best to guide you in the right direction.
Thanks, Ron