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Mark, UK Car Mechanic
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  Over 30 yrs trade experience
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Nissan/Datsun Note: Nissan note after changed battery need

Customer Question

Nissan note after changed battery need code for audio player. Lost code,
Need code number help me
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mark replied 3 years ago.

markthebooler :

Hello, to be able to get the code, I need the make, model and serial number of the radio.

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : Nissan note
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : 2007
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : CY03E
markthebooler :

Do yo have the serial number or barcode number on the label

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : My car nissan note 2007, after changed battery radio dose not work it need code I lost my code , please help me Detail of audio player Part no. 28185 9U20A Model no. PN-300P Serial no. PN3000PA 0012205
markthebooler :

Try code 3433

However is this doesn't work then I need the bar code numbers. If there are two bar codes then I need the lower one.

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : Is this is bar code?
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : is this is bar code. E111231902A
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : 3433 code doesn't work
markthebooler :

Is that the number under the barcode?

markthebooler :

If so try 2536

markthebooler :

Did that one help?

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : This also dose not work
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : it display wait 59 minute
markthebooler :

That means you have to leave ignition on.

markthebooler :

Is there any other barcode labels on the set?

markthebooler :

Full Size Image

markthebooler :

Is there any labels similar to the picture above?

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : Under bar code. PN3000PA 0012205
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : How to send my photo of radio
markthebooler :

To send pic click on the paperclip icon.

JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : Send me your email
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : sendemails end me your e mail, t
JACUSTOMER-sztfqk03- : send me your e mail, I will send my photo of radio and detail
markthebooler :

Not allowed to send email

markthebooler :

Do you have a hosting site you can send pics to and then send me the link

markthebooler :

You can get these free.

markthebooler :

Did the paperclip icon not work with your pics?

markthebooler :

Hi there, sorry but either my decoder is incompatible with your radio or your radio code may have been overwritten at some point because the number on the label computes to a code 3433.

markthebooler :

I can only suggest that you now need a radio specialist to rewrite the eeprom with a new code.

markthebooler :

Sorry I can't help further.

markthebooler :


Customer : Detail of audio player CLARION CY03E. Part no. 28185 9U20A Model no. PN-300P Serial no. PN3000PA 0012205. Bar code E111231902A
Customer : Code no? Please