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Experience:  Hi, I am a Car/ vehicle technician of 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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My friend has a 2001 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine vauxhall corsa.

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My friend has a 2001 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine vauxhall corsa. Whilst driving home one day it lost power whilst driving. We got it home and left it, it hasn't started since. We have had a diagnostic but nothing came up but the timing chain had jumped. We have had this replaced, the chain tensioner had gone, and had the timing all sorted. There was no damage to the valves but it still wouldnt start. Another diagnostic came up with po115 engine coolant temperature, but ther is no water going round the system. the fan is coming on when trying to start it. Had a new crankshaft sensor put in but still wont start. Fuel is getting to the fuel rail but not to the sparks. Any ideas? Thank you
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

The timing chain problem you had is common on this Z10 engine Im afraid -

Having read your description of the problems - if you are down to no fuel being injected, this is usually down to a failed engine control relay. It could also be a wiring problem - often wires get left off or damaged / chaffed after a big job on the engine - so do check for that also.

I will give you a drawing of the engine bay fuse / relay box - the relay for the engine system relay 7. Just make sure you orient the drawing properly against the box on the car to ID the relay properly..

The drawing is below for you :


Check fuses , 2, 13 , 26 and 30 .

This all assumes you dont have the immobilser kicked in - you haven't mentioned any lights on the dash - ( or an " N " showing on the dash if it has the ASM transmission - Auto shift / manual transmission ) - but do double check those . If when you turn the key to start the engine you have any lights flashing on the dash, this is the immobilser - which means it wont start. You would then have to find out why -

At this point, if you haven't traced it as above, then immobilser light on or not, you are going to need to have a plug diagnostic test done to see / trace whats going on. Most small garages have this equipment - as do mobile mechs etc - but it comes essential at this point to have this done as you could then have a module fault... it then needs this equipment to determine the fault. It could be a fuel pressure fault too - with it standing - ensure the filter is new - and retry. While you may have fuel up, if the pressure is not up to spec, it will cause non starts. The pressure should be at least 3.8 bar. ( the diag machine can check that )

Re the water issue -and fan coming on. The fan will come on like that if you have a bad connection on the Ect sensor or a failed sensor. Failed sensors on these are common...or damaged wiring as mentioned.

Too, if the water is not circulating - as its been stood so long, most likely the thermostat is jammed shut - replace that and retry.

So those are the ways forward on this one now...

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX above all helps you and helps with the understanding of the problem you have -and what needs to be done to cure this ...


Kind Rgds, MIKE.

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Regards, MIKE.

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