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light came..mass air flow sensor, we thought..light stays

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we went to over take a vehical, and the traction control light came on then the engine cut out after puting the gas down, we pulled over restarted the car, put the gas down and the engine cut again. RAC pluged into there machine, 4 different errior codes came up, mass air flow sensor, we thought was the problem. we got tode home, after a few days started the car up and managed to take the car for a short drive the car does not feel like as it has as much power and the traction control light stays on.
Please do you have any ideas of what it could be, we think tractions control error?

thanks danny
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

Its not a forgone conclusion that its TCS ( Traction control system ) error... there are many sensors on related systems that could have a knock - on effect and do on these models..

You are best having a dedicated SEAT machine plugged on to the cars OBD diagnostic socket to trace and then rectify this - the Rac machine while good - is general for all makes... The dedicated machine as used by the cars makers / dealers is much better for this - with these types of faults...

The car is obviously not right as nothing has been done to cure it... MAF ( air flow sensors / units ) are common faults yes - but you dont want to be just replacing parts in "Hope".. Cleaning the MAF rarely does anything to be honest... Too, you had four codes so that suggests four different things...

The proper procedure is to clear the fault codes after noting them - re run the vehicle and then re run the test... ideally after the lights have come on again...but it can be done in any event. If the lights dont come on though - there are no likely to be any fault codes stored. If you have no lights but a definate lack of power - more in depth diagnostic tests should be done to include component / live data tests....

Just one other point - ensure the vehicle is up to date on servicing too - even dirty / clogging fuel and air filters can cause all of these symptoms... and that could well be all it is its worth checking / replacing the filters if they are more than 10 months / 10 - 12,000 miles old....and then go from there if and as needed as above..

I Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX have helped you - but do ask me if you need anything more..

Kind Rgds, MIKE


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