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Kia Sorento EX hi i have a kia serento 2.5 deisel it keeps

Resolved Question:

hi i have a kia serento 2.5 deisel it keeps cutting out had AA out thay say its sucking air in around the fuel filter and also two code showing P1186 and P1188 what are the codes and what do thay mean.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Engineering Pro replied 6 years ago.


P1186 - Fuel pressure too low

P1188 - Fuel pressure leakage


So the assessment of the AA would appear to be correct.

Once the leak is fixed, the codes can be cleared...


If you need any further information just ask


All the best


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hi again put new fuel filter house on with new filter but still it keeps cutting out but not as qwickly would it be a senser.
Expert:  Engineering Pro replied 6 years ago.
Did the AA guy use the fault codes to establish the problem or did he actually find a leak in the system? Jon
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
he found the codes but could not find what the code meant i rang kia thay told me , aa man said the leak was comming from araound the filter houseing he put a rubber glove over the primming pump tghat got it running agian so we brought a new kia filter houseing and filter put it on last night ran ok for a while then i asellarated hard to see if it dont it again and it did ....
Expert:  Engineering Pro replied 6 years ago.
It sounds like you still have air getting into the system. The hard acceleration produces more demand for fuel and hence any leak will get worse under these conditions. Its probably best to get the local garage to pressure test the fuel system. It could be one the pipe union on the fuel lines that is leaking. It could also be that you developed 2 separate areas which are letting air in. The garage will be able to isolate the area, its not sounding like a huge fix and i would expect the garage to locate the leak in 2hrs max. But it is a leak, the engine is very sensitive to even the smallest air leak which gets into the flow of diesel and a pressure test will be the quickest way to find it, this is the better option than repeated changing of parts. Its probably worth seeing if you can mimic what the AA guy did safely though. Maybe just around the unions where you fitted the new assembly as this is most likely where the leak is... All the best... Jon
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