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MB Paul
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I have an 05 C180 kompressor, automatic, petrol. 7 weeks ago

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I have an 05 C180 kompressor, automatic, petrol. 7 weeks ago the car started to make a rattling noise when starting up and sputtering a little when pulling away, worse when reversing. After a couple of days whilst driving the abs and esp lights came on and engine management light, car lost power and struggled to change gear. Taken straight to Mercedes dealership who ran diagnostics. Said they weren't sure what the problem was, could be air flow meter. Changed that 3 days later and also a speed sensor over the passenger wheel. As I drove away the car was still spluttering. Unhappy i refused to move the car til they fixed it, they put it back on the machine, it said there was no fault. Kept it overnight to start from cold- said it was driving fine. When I drove it away it did the same thing. It's been 7 weeks since repair and yesterday the car was even worse, it was stalling, sounding like a tractor and NO acceleration max 20mph. It was serviced beg of Oct. Any advice?



A common fault with these engines is a split breather hose under the air filter housing & would start by checking this first. It is quite hard to get to - you can just about see it from the front of the engine under the filter housing, you may need to prise it apart gently to see if you can hear the engine note change or hear a hissing noise. If split it can often store faults that appear to be a faulty air flow meter.


The air filter housing needs to be removed to replace the hose.


Also check the rest of the intake for any air leaks.


The engine can also suffer from compression issues - ensure a compression test is carried out if the above is ok.


Best regards, Paul

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Paul, thank you for your reply. The car is showing no fault on the diagnostics so the garage don't want to look at it again. could this hose cause the car to stall tho?



Yes - if the air leak is bad enough! It can cause stalling, surging and/or rough running.


I cant believe a Mercedes dealer will not look at it if there is no codes stored! That really is just a starting point for diagnosing a fault!


I would inspect the hose to see if there are any air leaks. Use a small torch & look under the front of the air filter housing & you should see the hose.


Best regards, Paul

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Paul,


just a follow up to see if you could give me any advice. MB have only just looked at my car today, they are saying it is nothing to do with the original repair. It's taken them an hour to decide that today at £100 plus vat. He thinks it 'may' be to do with the crankshaft? however the car hasn't lost any oil or gone through any recently? To get a proper diagnosis he wants another 3hrs at £300+vat. does this sound accurate?



Hi Ash,

What have they said is wrong with the crankshaft? Was it the crankshaft sensor they think is faulty or the crankshaft itself?

Did they say what the 3 hours diagnosis was for & what they would be doing?

Best regards, Paul