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Experience:  Hi, I am a Car/ vehicle technician of 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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I Have a Peugeot 106. The immobiliser has locked out permanently.

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I Have a Peugeot 106. The immobiliser has locked out permanently. Even after 40 min or an hour it is still locked. As soon as the ignition is switched on it goes straight into lockout. the engine will still crank and as its a diesel I can only guess it affects the electric fuel shut off. There is no central locking. The vehicle is 1500 diesel P reg. Its a old car and I don't want the device . Can I bypass it or remove it some how. Can it be reset. I have tried to disconect the battery and I have also tried unplugging the device waiting a few minutes and reconnecting it. I feel the old unit has gone faulty. Peugot say I can't even fit a new one as they have to do it and the carwould have to be brought in to be put on there computer. I just want to know the real fact about this small keypad.

Hello and Welcome to justanswer...


What you describe is typical of these units when they go faulty.


But what you have been told by the dealer is correct - you cant just fit another key pad -it wont work , it will do the same - as, the key pad is just a new fangled "switch".. the ecu ( control unit ) is separate and its that the needs the diagnostic coding.


Theres a couple of things I can tell you to try...


Check under the bonnet -on top of the gearbox should be an earth cable held by a 13 mm bolt.. check the condition of that cable and the connection. A poor connection /wire here will cause this fault.


If that doesn't help - remove the key pad and check the white multi connector on the back edge of it -- sometimes you will get broken wires in the connector block -- give them a wiggle to test for connections....


In both the above events , rectify any problems.


If you are still struggling - disconnect the battery. Then clamp the two neg and pos terminals of the battery leads ( not the battery !) together for 30 mins... Then leave the battery off / disconnected for a further two hours...


Then retry -- if that works then... the start the car using the code - then disconnect the key pad and that will be bypassed - but you can only bypass it once the engine is started.


If the above fails --its a trip to Peugeot I'm afraid --or any garage that has the equipment to run a diagnostic on the system and see whats gone wrong - and recode it etc.


Thats everything / all the info there is on these -- I hope one of the above sorts it for you without the need for the equipment.... its all certainly worth a try ;)



I Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX have helped you - Please ask me if you need more help...


Kind Rgds,.... MIKE

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PS...Please press the ACCEPT button if you are happy with my answer/advice given- as thats how I get paid for my time ;)


Feedback is always appreciated too... Thank you .

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your reply Mike


I need to tell you that the car is in London outside my daughters flat in shoreditch. She is on her way home (Banbury) as today its her birthday. She is bringing the key pad home to my house and doesn't return untill next week. I know she would be taken apart by a garage / local fitter if she just claimed the car won't start.


I think I understand what you are telling me. The keypad is litterally just that ..... a remote device for the imput which goes to a computer / processor else where on the car. Are you saying that although this is the input device. The lockout is in fact held in the processor elsewhere. A new keypad would be pointless anyway. Also after your sudgestion would the code still be the same or would it be as new.


Am I correct in thinking if we can get the engine to run by following your instruction we can then disconnect the keypad and the car could run and stop like a normall car with out anti theft.


I have to leave to collect her from the station now. I will keep you informed but obviously it will be the middle of next week before I we can try. I will report back to you and let you know just how we got on. Many thanks for your reply.

Hello again - Thank you for your reply..


I know exactly what you mean -re how your daughter would be treated -- sadly! And I know how we have to look after them.... have just done my daughters car for mot today ;)


To your points then.... indeed - yes, the keypad is just that - the switch really... Any code pad will do when the system is working - and the code would be the same yes - as thats in the processors memory -- not the keypad -- as is all the "workings".... elsewhere on the car ( up under the dash ) ...


Yes you are correct as I mentioned indeed -- once the engine is got running - you can then disconnect the multiplug off teh rear of the key pad and tape it away to one side. The car will then start every time without it. But I suggest leaving the key pad itself in place-- that acts then as a "visual" deterrent to the mindless... 'people' around !


Dont forget to try the checks as above though - re the earth point for it - and the battery disconnection procedure- this will often work...


All the very best....



  • >>>>>>>>>Please don't forget..........

PS...Please press the ACCEPT button if you are happy with my answer/advice given- as thats how I get paid for my time ;)


Feedback is always appreciated too... Thank you .



Mike and other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your help mike... I am hitting the accept button to ensure you get paid as I believe I now have a better idea of what is happening. I may well write to you again if I have a technical question when it comes to what you have told me to try and do. You have been good enough to trust me in giving your answers. I trust as long as the questions are related to the same problem you will help. Thank you for your Help. You have restored my faith somewhat in human beings.

Hi again... Thank you for your reply ..


You can write to me again no problem.... If you post a new question -- In your first few words put something like -- This Q, is for mikedermoose...... That way I will see it in the list of questions coming through... It will stand out in amongst the crowd ;)


If its to do with this one I dont mind helping you further of course... ... just hit the Reply ..but "rules" -wise - "new" queries have to be "new " posts...


I thank you too for the Accept - It is a big game of trust on here at justanswer... and a lot do well, lets say , take advantage... so I thank you too !


Thank you too for using me & justanswer.... and I wish you all the best with your daughters car... As I say - just shout me if need anything...


Best Rgds.. MIKE ;)

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi mike

Thanks. Yes I understand the new question rule etc. I can see by the end of the week I will be going to London to try sort this for my daughter. I just wanted to show you I intended you to be paid as by the end of this week you could easily have thought It was not my intention to accept your answer. I didn't want to be stuck in a situation where you would think Thats it, I have helped this bloke and he isn't going to pay. In any other cicumstance if the car was on the drive i could pop out try something and be back to you in half an hour. I expect most cases are sorted in a day or over a weekend. All being well my next correspondence will be of a happy yeah sorted sort of letter. cheers XXXXX XXXXX thanks


Hi there Martin,

Thank you for your contact... I absolutely appreciate what you are saying...and I thank you for the accept / payment. Un fortunately what you describe does happen... but these ones only get away with it the once... and then they have spoiled it for themselves then... they have to go elsewhere - and soon run out of options.

Whereas the likes of yourself are welcome back anytime...

As I say - once you get to the car..if you need more help - .let me know by way of hitting the reply button ( even if the question has timed out / closed ) ... I will still get your reply.

As you say - hopefully it will be good news - but let me know either way ;)

Best Rgds... MIKE..

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi mike


Its been a while but to no avail. I have been to London and tried all the things you have sudjested but unfortunately we are no further forward. I am hoping to get the car back home (to my house) tonight.


I just know (or at least I believe I know) the Injector pump will have an electronic fuel shut off. My days on the farm taught me a diesel engine does not even need a electric system to run. early diesels had a cable pull / push stop button that activated the fuel shut off. All modern Injector pumps have electronic solenoids to shut them off. I spoke to a peugeot technition who soon backed away when he realised what I was wanting to do. It annoys me that people try to tell me that it can't be done. I know the fuel isn't even entering the injector pump as the rubber manual bulb / hand pump is tight. This is indicating the fuel cant pass through the injector pump and return to the tank. When the immobilizer wasn't broken with the ignition on and the pump fuel solenoid open, fuel would pump freely.This is the only thing possible that prevents the vehicle starting. As the engine still cranks. I am aware I will be overiding some features by bypassing the engine management control thing but I really am not worried as all I want is a engine that runs.There are four small wires to the injector pump all I need to know is which ones require what polarity to activate the solenoid. the colours are yellow green white and say orange or red. I just believe it is criminal to make or built something that no one else can service maintain or deal with. I as an electrician fit many Alarm Panels to houses and comercial offices. I fit stand alone systems and don't offer a maintenance contract but did you know just about every system on the market can be deliberately programmed to go faulty where a engineer has to attend. I think that is disgusting and for that reason alone I believe it should be made illegal. Apart from the car being of little worth I am against the princible of peugeot haveing the vehicle. Are there or do you (I don't know how far you are from Banbury) offer mobile assistance. I know there are some guys who work from a van. I don't mind buying parts that I or others can fit but peugeot (we must put it up on our diagnostics .... reset the code .... bla bla) just makes me so angry. You mike have been most helpful and whether you can give me an answer or not as to which wires I need to polarise. (again I am well aware that at the moment the immobilizer may well have them polarized diffent to how they need be to start) I won't rest untill I have done this. someone somewhere designed and built the electrics for this vehicle and more than one bloke has to know there is a straight answer to it.


The last time I spoke I promised I would get back to you one way or another. unfortunately It wasn't the happiest of outcomes I don't know if you are still able to help or if this is beyond the advise your allowed to give. If you can still help I will be most gratefull. If not then thankyou for what you have done. I will still tell you the outcome even if I wreck the car trying.

HI there Martin - thank you for your contact - and sad to see you are still struggling.. However - I confess to only having read a little of what you have said - I really need to come back to this later but just wanted to acknowledge your reply..
Give me some time and some time to digest everything and I will get back to you asap-

Kind Rgds.. MIKE

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