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2005 s type: same thing..the electric hand

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Our car is stuck in our drive with a park brake fault and we have been looking (sad on new years day morning but then we can't go anywhere) for help on what is wrong. we saw a previous query to your site had been solved by Richard for what appears to be exactly the same thing. There question on 14th December was...

is there any way to release the electric hand brake on a 2005 s type jaguar .it says parkbrake fault i have tried holding down the switch and removing the key this does not release it....

We've tried the same and it doesn't reset.

Help please!

Hello and Welcome to justanswer...


I take it to be sure, yours has the auto / electric operated handbrake and not the "standard everyday car" handbrake ( or as earlier models)... I will work off that from what you say.


IF you have carried out the re set procedure as per handbook instructions and you have carried them out to the letter- then you will have one of two faults here... either you have an ecu problem ...(control problem in the system ) ...or the handbrake may be frozen on. You will know if the latter is a possibility depending on what weather you have where you are.. I have seen this before so its not as far fetched as it seems.


If the latter is the case - other than getting a garage out to sort it for you at the side of the road ..its just a case of waiting for it to come off - and keep trying it through the day..


If its the former....then , again, assuming the reset procedure was done...and it may be worth trying that again.... but after that... disconnect the cars battery ... ( have the keys out of the car ) ... then hold the two battery terminal connectors on the ends of the cables together for five mins... ( the cable connectors NOT the battery ones ) ... this will clear out residual memory of the control functions.... Then, disconnect the two cable ends ...leave the battery off for a a further thirty minutes and then reconnect the battery -- and retry everything.


Hopefully this hard re -set procedure will work for you- it often does.... and that will be that.

IF not - then 'm afraid you have no other option but to have the car connected to a dealer level diagnostic machine to see whats gone wrong.... this can either be a dealer or a local Independent jag specialist....but it will need to be dealer level equipment for this.... but try all the above first and hopefully that will work for you today.



I Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX have helped you - Please ask me if you need more help...


Kind Rgds,.... MIKE

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Feedback is always appreciated too... Thank you .

Mike and other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Absolutely brilliant - car is moving again!

Excellent- Im very pleased to have been able to help you....


Can I just ask exactly what the fault was with it / which method cured it?


Best rgds... MIKE