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Hi, I have a zanussi WJS 1397W. When you operate the spin cycle,(G)

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Hi, I have a zanussi WJS 1397W. When you operate the spin cycle,(G) after 20 seconds the drum rotates slowly about 8 times, then it will do no more. It will then not move on to the next setting unless you physically turn the dial. The drum will also not turn on the wash or drying cycle, however the timer dial turns as it should on this cycle. It will also fill up with water and pump it out. I have emptied the filter, checked the motor brushes and resistance (3.4ohms) tested the inlet valves resistance (3.7 and 4.0 kohms) tested pump resistance (191 ohms) heater resistance (22.1kohms) taken off both pressure switches and blown down them (3 clicks and 2 clicks) and disconnected and re-connected the timer pcb connections. Any ideas what could be causing this? Machine is over 10 years old.
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to helping you! I suspect the timer has intermittent contacts and will need to be replaced. It is available below.


Zanussi WJS1397W Timer
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Kelly, thank you for your reply. I am reluctant to spend £100 on a part as I could use this towards a new machine, however, before I decide I thought I would just give you this information just to make sure. It appears to have more than one fault. One - the drum won't spin and the dial won't move in the spin cycle. Two - the drum won't turn, but the dial does move in the dry cycle. Three - the drum won't turn, but the dial does move in the wash cycle. Also, are these easy to replace, although I am an electrician, I have not worked on washing machines?
Thank you

I suspect all issues are related to the timer, but we know for certain the timer is bad. It will be difficult to know any other issues until the timer is replaced. If the machine is more than 8 years old, it may be time to look at replacing it.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Kelly, thanks for your time. I replaced the timer and it made no difference, so I have decided not to spend any more money on it, but to replace it.

I understand but am a bit perplexed because the timer is certainly having issues if it is not advancing.