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Good morning, I have a Hot Point FFA90P Fridge Freezer, around

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Good morning,
I have a Hot Point FFA90P Fridge Freezer, around a week ago the temperature began to climb.

Whilst we were away last weekend I unplugged, and fully defrosted the unit. Upon plugging it back in the temperature now appears fairly consistent with room temp..however it does not seem keen to drop to a more appropriate temperature..

When doing the Diagnostic (Door open, FF held, door closed...door opened) It looks as though I can prove that the Fan is working, as is the heater near the bottom.

What further steps can I take to help isolate the problem?


At the bottom rear is the compressor, a black pot shaped item.

Is this running?

If it is, is it very hot?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Afternoon Fred,


Yes it is running, and yes it is very hot.


Thanks for that.


Not good news I'm afraid.


The compressor being hot is normally a restriction in the foamed in pipework.

The refrigerant isn't being pumped around the system so there's little, or no, cooling taking place.


It's not a diy repair and there is a chance that it cannot be repaired.


You need a refrigeration engineer to attach pumps and gauges to the compressor pipework to determine if it's blocked/restricted or, if it has a leak.

(no refrigerant can give similar fault).


Sorry, I wish there was an easy, inexpensive fix.


If it can be repaired, the bill could be over £200 for a compressor and regas, or as little as £80 for a regas (all depends on your engineers labour rate).


You could try Hotpoint to see if they have a fixed price repair plan for it.

They normally start around £120 and give different guarantees.


Check it out, see what you find and get back to me if you need more help.


Hope this helps


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