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Where can I find a schematic drawing of the tubes running inside

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Where can I find a schematic drawing of the tubes running inside the insulation of a Frigidaira model BFPH31M6LM? I am changing the compressor to a Danfoss 12 volt, so I can use the Frigidaire on my boat. To mount a "Spil over" fan between the Frigidaire and my Big freezer beside it, I need to drill a 2 inch hole in the right side of the Frigidaire.Thank You from Jan

Appliance_Guy : Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today.
Appliance_Guy : Hi. Where exactly on the right side do you need to make this hole. I have had an instance one time where I hade to made a 1/4 inch hole to replace the cap tube due to a restriction. The only problem the hole was in the back. When I spoke to frigidair about where to drill the hole, they told me to drill threw a 2 inch hole in the back of the refrigerator, it's got a 2 inch hole which exposes the insulation, and that spot there would not disturb any refrigerant tubing. I know this may not help you case but I do remember him telling the that the lines are direct from the compressor to the evap with no looping... That tells me that you Would be safe if you stay away from the edges. This scematic you seek is most likely to be I'm possible to find. You will only have 2 tube coins thre the cabinet and they are on the back wall to the left.
Appliance_Guy : You will only have 2 tube going into the cabinet and they will be routed on the back wall.

Hi Josh.When the fridge is running, it gets warm on tye outside surface, so that tells me, that the refrigerant is


circulating just behind the surface. There is no condensor "grill" on the back to remove the heat. The condensor is built into the insulation. My 12 volt compressor has its own cooling fan on a condensor "grill", so if I could block the condensor system on the fridge, it would be the best. Thats why I ask for a scematic wiev of the refrigerant tubing.


My freezer is oversized, so I want to use a spil over fan to cool down the Frigidaire fridge and then only use the 12 volt system sometimes when needed. The hole can only be drilled on the right side, seen from the front. It doesnt matter where excactly.

Appliance_Guy : Ok. We may be dealing with different models then, as the one I worked on used a small condenser by the compressor. So you say that this compressor is fitted with a refrigerant condenser? If so then you could braze the condenser you have and eliminate then condenser built into the body and drill away, if your only using this 12v system as a back up or just to maintain temp, you would be be better off just adding a thermostat controlled damper between the freezer and the mini fridge and accomplish the same thing with out the need for a 12v compressor. I can look up a configuration that would work, but if you are looking to getting the unit working on the 12v system then adding that external condenser would do the trick, you wouldnt have to block the exsitng condensing unit as it will be unused, then when charging the system you can charge to 0psi and and watch for amp draw according to the compressors sec sheet, when amp draw is at compressors specs you have reached an acceptable charge. Just remember that your better off a little under charged than a little overcharged. But as stated before if it Was up to me I would just add a damper between the two, apply 12 to the + end of the damper and a preset or adjustable temp thermostat between the - or use a 4 wire t stat and be done with out the need for extra compressor. Let me know if need me to source out any parts for you. Thanks.

The damper system will work OK between the freezer and the fridge and I have to make a hole for the return air. But I want the freezer compartment in the Frigidaire to be cold too, for cold drinks. That is where the 12 volt compressor comes in. I dont think the damper/spill over system can maintain both, or can it? I guess the best place to "take" the cold air, is from the bottom of the freezer.


If possible, I will drill a hole from the fre3ezer into the fridge freezer compartment. Then another hole between the freezer compartment to the fridge compartme4nt and back into the boat freezer. Does that sound OK?Is a 120 volt and a 12 volt thermostat the same?

Appliance_Guy :

you could use either one. 12v or 120v. are you ok with the temp of both compartments being the same? if so then you could just put a small 12 fan between top and bottom and keep a good flow. then add a small hole to return back into the refrigerator.

Appliance_Guy :

you could always use the damper as a plan b if the compressor set up fails.


Thew Damper system you mentioned, is that the same as a thermostat regulated spil-over fan?

Appliance_Guy :

You still here? If your having trouble log off and back on again.


I am still here.


So - drilling two holes on the right side will cut the condenser tubes? How and where can I block them, so I only use the evaporator plates connected to the 12 volt compressor??

sorry i was having problems trying to respond to you in the live chat i had to put us into a Q&A format. To continue yes the spill-over fan is good if you want to keep the 2 compartments at the same temp, if you want to have a freeze section and a cool section you will have to add a fan in the frigidair and a t stat controlled damper, with that you could spill into the frigidair freezer with low temps and regulate the refrigerator with a fan and damper for a chill temp.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, that is clear. But I still want to connect my 12 volt compressor and the Frigidaire confuse me, because the suction side, the biggest tube, runs up in the insulation together with the capillar tube which is splitting up to a small filter and then back up in the insulation. The small tube comes back again into the compressor. To explain this, it would be nice with a schematic drawing of the tube system. It seems, that if I connect the 12 volt to the Frigidaire, the system runs backward.

Ok so I spoke with frigidair tech support today and explained to him the situation, first he told me the usual bla bla bad idea But.. If you are going to do it you will have a hard time finding the condenser lines seeing as the condenser is not a servacable part it was never draw into a schematic. No two refrigerators will have the exact same spacing as its just held in with 4 brackets that are randomly placed then the the Sidewall installed and then insulation blown into the cab net, that blow in expanding foam may push and move the lines from original position. So as I was driving on the highway I came up with a possible solution that will allow you to keep the condenser and just swap out compressor and braze in suction and discharge and be done with it. What you can does is, use a hole saw and set it so the drill bit is not used just the cup. Then slowly cut only threw the metal cabnet, remove the metal plug you cut out and drug carefully threw the insulation making sure no tubes are in the way, then you can go threw the plastic. Also an inferred thermometer may assis you in finding the tubing, turn the unit on leave the doors open and wait to it to start heating up and plan your drilling in the coolest spot on the side. Other than the suggestions listed its a tricky situation. I'm sorry I can't get you the schematic you seek, but keep in mind no one can.
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