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I have just purchased a washing machine (WMYL 6351) and am

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I have just purchased a washing machine (WMYL 6351) and am very concerned about the load-balancing system. I understand that if the load is unbalanced the machine will go into a slower spin speed, but 'if the load is excessively unbalanced, the washing machine performs the distribution process instead of spinning'. Does this mean that the machine will not complete the cycle ? In this case, what do I do, as it wouldn't be possible to redistribute the load manually if, as I assume, the door lock would still be on.

I have also tried to use the 'Time Saver' button on the 'Bed and Bath' programme, but it seems to have no effect as the programme still runs for about 95 minutes as stated in the table.

Thanks, Carole
Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

What will happen is that before it goes into the fast spin, the machine will detect if the load is balanced.
If it is, it will go into the fast spin.

If its not balanced, the machine will redistribute the clothes, by doing the slow agitation. It will then see if its balanced, if it is it will then go on to do the fast spin.

So, either way the machine should do the final fast spin.
It will keep trying to redistribute until it is able to do the spin.

If it runs out of time, it may be necessary to remove some items and then spin them on a separate cycle, but in my experience, this is very rare. In this case the cycle would finish and the door would unlock. When you go to remove the washing you will notice its still wet.

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