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Drcool, Home Appliance Technician
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my fridge is not working

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my fridge is not working.

It is a FFA90 fridge frezer the frezer is working but the fridge is not.

The compresser seems to be working when you open and close the door.

Drcool : Hello, you could be referring to the fan motor inside the freezer and not the compressor that stops when ever you open the door. The compressor does to stop when ever the door is opened. It is the freezer fan that stops. Anyway, do you notice frost accumulating inside the freezer back wall? Because if you do, you could have a defrost issue. I will wait for your answer and explain the defrost issue further if that is the case. As well as it remedies if ever it is.

Yes there is a build up of ice on the back wall of the frezer compartment.

Drcool : Ok. Thank you for that info. If this is the case, then you have a defrost issue. The automatic defrosting of the unit is not happening. Here is an article that wold help you better understand how defrost works.
Drcool :
Drcool : Now, the most probable culprit is the defrost terminating thermostat. I that is good, you can check the defrost heater using a resistance meter. The last would be the timer but it seldom breaks.

Just emptying the frezzer out before I start to look at it and noticeed there is a lot of ice on the bottem of the frezer compartment. Have taken the panels of the rear and have found the drain area at the back is frozen solid. Would this have an effect on the fridge not working? What is the best way of making sure this drain is working once everything has defrosted could I use a pin or something to open the hole up.

Drcool :

Hello, if the drain pan is frozen, it could have an effect if the ice builds up too much that it would block the return cavity that could be at the bottom of the evaporator coil. If the ice would block this hole, then the air returning from the fridge could not pass through and would have an effect on the cooling of the fridge.

Drcool :

If the whole evaporator coil is also blocked with ice, then the air that goes to the fridge is also blocked, hence, the fridge would not cool as well. What you can do is defrost the whole freezer and plug it back after defrosting and observe the unit again.

Drcool :

In some models, if the heating element is at the lower portion of the evaporator, you can put a piece of copper wire, loop it to the heating element and cut it with the end tip just inside the drain hole. What would happen is , if the heater would come on, heat from the heater would travel to the wire towards the hole by conduction. The wire should be of a thick gauge. so that a lot of heat can travel to the hole. This would make sure that the hole is also heated up when ever the unit is defrosting.

Drcool :

If still, after a few days, the freezer evaporator coil would accumulate frost, then I can say you really have a defrost issue.

Drcool :

BTW, to properly clear the drain hole with ice, you can pour hot water on it until you notice that water is now flowing at the back of the unit where it should.


Thankyou for your help.

Drcool and other UK Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi there again have finally got round to defrosting the fridge frezer. I have left the cover of the back and have pluged it back in the cooling and the defrost cycle seem to be working but I have not seen the fan working. Should this be working all the time or does it come on, on a cycle as well.


Sorry for the delay. The fan should be working to circulate the air in the freezer.
You can check the resistance of the fan if you can use a resistance meter. Just be careful pulling the terminal leads off the fan, sometimes, the male lead would come off ruining the fan.
In some models, the fan waits for the defrost terminating thermostat to close before the fan would run. In some models, the fan is hooked to the door switch so as you open the door, the fan would stop to prevent the cold air from spreading outside the freezer.
Try to press the door switch and observe if the fan would run.

On your first post, i think this is the part that you hear that runs every time you open and close the door.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for that It looks touch wood that everything is working ok at the moment. Will run tomorrow before I comit to filling it back up.

Thanks for your help.