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Mike G., Technician
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Would this part account for varying light from dim to bright

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Would this part account for varying light from dim to bright then back to dim?

Hello, I am Mike, the real life technician assigned to help you. I take your question very seriously, as this is how I support my livelihood. Every moment that I am helping you is on the honor system, until you submit a positive 3-5 star rating for the answer that I provide.

How long have you had the tv?

Has the tv ever been serviced or any part replaced?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Ten years. Never repaired. Just two replacement lamps.

When did you last replace the lamp?

Where did you get that lamp and how much did it cost?

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
3 years ago from Projector Lamp Source for $109.00

3 years is quite a long time. If I were sent out to repair your tv, the first step is to install a new lamp. That is what I would suggest you do. Unless you are seeing other symptoms such as color problems or lines in the picture.

I hope you appreciate the answer that I provided so far. If you need more help or don't understand something use the REPLY option.

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