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My samsung hl-s6187w Tv screen will not come on. The lamp

Customer Question

My samsung hl-s6187w Tv screen will not come on. The lamp led light is flashing 28 times.
JA: How old is your Samsung, and have you tried unplugging it and leaving it off for a few hours?
Customer: 10 years old.
JA: Does the TV menu work? Do you have the same problem on all sources/inputs?
Customer: I can't see the menu. Nothing shows on the screen
JA: How long has this been an issue? What happened right before this popped up?
Customer: The screen went green and red
JA: Anything else you want the tv expert to know before I connect you?
Customer: The lamp has been changed twice before and I bought a new lamp again unfortunately the tv still doesn't work
Submitted: 25 days ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Hi, I'm Nathan.
Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this but I'll do my best to help you.

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Ok. So do you need any more information to let me know any fixes for the tv?
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Can you please recheck the front panel indicators,

don't worry about counting, just tell me what color each of the 3 are and if solid or flashing

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
The only one lighting up is the green one and it is flashing.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

You have 3, timer, lamp, and standby, which one is flashing green?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

I've sent an optional phone support offer at your request. If you prefer we can continue here in the chat format as well. Just let me know either way.

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Unplug power to the tv, wait 5 minutes, plug back in, and watch the lights very carefully again to see if they change.

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
When plugged in the standby light is red solid. When press the power button again the lamp light will flash green at the 17th time it double flashes and continues flashing until it reaches 28 times.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Thank you for checking,

When was your lamp last replaced?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
It has been replaced twice and this time I bought another one. The new lamp and the one it had both it turns on for about a minute and then it shuts down. It makes a humming sound as well.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

So you've replaced it just recently?
Part of the issue here can be that the lamp cover is not closed properly.

It could also be a bad lamp - can you tell me where you got that new lamp and how much it cost?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
It was a cheap lamp $25 on Amazon because this has been the 3rd one.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

The prior lamps were the same type as well?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Customer: replied 25 days ago.
The current lamp it has and the one that was purchased I can see from the back of the tv they turn in but they do not project to the tv. The original lamp I put it on and it does not turn on at all.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Well it sounds like the original lamp has failed, which is normal with age.

The generic lamps are often faulty right out of the box

To move forward even in just the diagnostic process, you need to replace the lamp again with the proper OEM one:

You could always return it if needed.

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
I ordered the new lamp and it won't be here until Thursday. How long is this service good for just in case the lamp doesn't work.
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

Well it may not work, but if it does not we at least have a baseline for knowing we have a good lamp and can recheck the error codes again at that point.

Just bookmark this page to get back with me when you have a chance.


Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Ok thanks!
Expert:  Nathan replied 25 days ago.

You're very welcome, and good luck!

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
The lamp arrived and the tv us acting exactly the same.
Customer: replied 23 days ago.
It does not work. I now spent $25 and then $83 still no tv that works.
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

Thank you for trying, I am sorry to hear that it did not improve.

However, that does at least help us from a diagnostic perspective to isolate the source further.

The cheap lamp you should be able to return, and amazon would take the good lamp back too, so ultimately you shouldn't be out anything.

With the new lamp, what lights/indicators are you seeing on the front?

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
The same as before. If u turn it on it flashes green but that is about it.
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

But the power light is never also flashing, or even solid, during this time?

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
If the tv is connected the little red light is on then when you turn the tv on it flashed green but u can't see a picture
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

What I mean though is to ask if the standby/temp and lamp light ever flash together at the same time.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
I will let you know in about 3 minutes when I get hone
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** take your time

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
When u press power on the tv then the green lamp light starts flashing and the standby light turns off
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

Okay that makes diagnostics difficult here because there is no valid trouble code for that.

The lamp door is a possibility, you can recheck that it is fully closed, but if the lamp is firing up momentarily and then cutting back out, that is almost always a ballast failure, power board, or main board failure.

Customer: replied 23 days ago.
The lamp on the back of the tv turns on for 3 minutes and then turns off
Expert:  Nathan replied 23 days ago.

Okay so that does still then indicate an internal hardware fault I'm sorry to say, since we have ruled out the lamp.

This issue could be a manufacturing defect, but is also often caused by a power event (shock/surge, prolonged over/under voltage condition, etc).

This could also be the result of age related wear and tear; as a 2005 model tv, that type of failure wouldn’t be surprising; this set is well beyond its service life at this point.

There is one remaining step you can take here, both as a possible fix, as well as a diagnostic evaluation:
1) Unplug the power cord from the outlet
2) Wait at least 1 hour (60+ Minutes)
3) Press and hold the power button (on the set, not the remote) for 60 seconds
4) Keep holding power button while plugging back in, and for another 60 seconds after. When plugging back in, go directly to the wall outlet, bypassing any power strips or surge protectors.

If this reset process does not work, it would unfortunately confirm an internal hardware failure.

This is something that would require repairs to correct; if you're thinking about a do it yourself repair, you'll need to be comfortable and skilled with electronics repairs, which could include dismantling the set (removing the back panel of the tv), diagnostics testing with a multimeter, changing out boards as needed, and possibly desoldering/removing and soldering/replacing individual components.
If you’re considering repair at a local shop, you’ll find a typical repair to be around $400 for diagnostics, parts, and labor.

For a tv of this size/age however, replacement will make more sense. You can get a brand new LED tv with a fresh warranty in the $600 range.

Depending how you’d like to proceed here, I can help with finding parts, finding a repair shop, or recommending replacement options. Just let me know.

Best regards, ***** ***** for the news,