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With tv in on position click sound heard and no

Customer Question

with tv in on position click sound heard and no picture.Problem has been going on for some six months.At first the clicking would only last for 30 seconds and tv wound come on and at times it took longer - as long as 8 hrs.Now the tv will not come on but it keeps clicking even in on and off position.Yes we are hooked up to satellite tv and even with transponder on tv keeps clicking.Wound it be wise to take to repair shop and what shop would be the closest?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Hello and sorry you're having problems. I can help you with this as it's a problem I've seen commonly with Samsung sets over the years. The clicking sound you're hearing is the relay on the power supply board cycling due to an out of spec voltage when the set is "cold". Once warmed up, it will operate fine until the next time you shut it off. This is a hardware-related issue inside of the TV- no settings or adjustments will correct this.

There are two possible culprits that cause this problem- either the Power Supply Board, or the Mainboard. They work in tandem to produce the turn on command in the set and the only way to narrow it down is for a shop to measure the standby voltage while the clicking is occurring.

Average cost for this type of repair, unfortunately is in the $275-$300 range- which, is not cost effective on an older 40" LCD set- since you can REPLACE that TV with a brand new entry level 40" LED 4K TV for about $100 more, and have a brand new set with warranty. Additionally parts on these older Samsung LCD TV's are scarce and near impossible to find. Most times only pulled/rebuilt parts are used to repair these sets.

I'm sorry for the bad news here, and realize it is not the answer you'd hoped for, but your money would be better spent towards purchase of a new TV in lieu of repairing this one I'm afraid.

Feel free to reply back if you need more help, or want to reply back with more details. It does not cost you anything more to reply back once you've rated. Please do rate me positively (at least 3 STARS) and I will continue with you until this is sorted. The positive rating ensures I am credited for my work.

Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Your model was part of the "Samsung Capacitor Class Action Lawsuit" which ended in August of 2012, so would no longer be covered, but these were plagued with this issue. If the clicking starts as soon as the set is plugged in, then it's the Mainboard which has failed. If it occurs after the power button is pressed, then it's the power board. If you're looking to try to repair the set yourself, I can dig deeper for a source for used boards if you'd like.

Expert:  Aric replied 1 year ago.

Both of those boards are plug and play- meaning no soldering or special tools are needed to replace them. If yourself, or a friend/family member has ever replaced a "card" in a PC, then you could repair this yourself. The boards are on average between $50-$75. Below are two I could find for your set:


Power Supply Board:

Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you, and please keep in mind that the RATING is my livelihood.