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I have a Samsung UN75F8000 TV connected to a Yamaha RX-V773

Customer Question

Hello. I have a Samsung UN75F8000 TV connected to a Yamaha RX-V773 AV receiver. The audio connection is an optical digital cable from the TV output to the Audio A4 input on the AV receiver. When using the Pandora application on the TV, when the second or third song starts I get very noisy garbled sound that is loud and unintelligible. The sound on the same connection for regular TV is fine, including for the Netflix application. Can you suggest a solution to this problem? Its not the cable as I have used another new cable and the sound is OK on regular TV and the Netflix application. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Drew
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Joel replied 1 year ago.

Hi Andrew,

There's a couple of things you can try here:

- Make sure your Samsung is updated and running the most recent firmware, let me know if need guidance here

- Does the issue occur if you switch from optical to a HDMI connection?

- Are there any audio settings you can configure for the audio output, for example, setting the TV to output DTS Stereo

- Check to see if the Pandora app itself has any audio based settings

- Lastly, does this sound issue happen with another app or for example, if you play audio content from the USB drive?

Cheers, Joel

Expert:  Joel replied 1 year ago.

There's also a new firmware release available for your receiver as well released on 9th October:

Would also be worth updating that firmware so everything is fully updated

Expert:  Joel replied 1 year ago.

Hi Andrew, did you still need assistance with this?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joel. I hope you are not offended, but I would like to request a refund. I already tried all of the suggestions you provided. The Samsung TV and Yamaha Receiver firmware are up-to-date, as I updated both over their direct-wired internet connection. There is no HDMI OUTPUT on the Samsung TV and ARC is not configurable for the Yamaha. The TV allows only a PCM output on the optical signal output, which works fine until the noise begins. The Pandora app on the TV has virtually no settings whatsoever. The noise problem only occurs with the Pandora app running on the TV - the same optical digital connection carries all other apps and TV programs fine. So, I had already tried all of your suggestions. Thanks for trying to help. Drew
Expert:  Joel replied 1 year ago.

No worries Drew. You can contact customer support I believe. Cheers Joel