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I just received a free Samsung DLP TV model HLN507W, date of

Customer Question

I just received a free Samsung DLP TV model HLN507W, date of manufacture 11/21/2003. The people who gave it to us said that it worked, and tested it before they gave it to us. We tested it and it seemed to work when we got it home. It appeared to be in good condition.
Then we began to set it up. At first everything was going well, except when we selected the video input, the screen said "VI2EO 1" instead of "VIDEO 1."
Shortly after that, the tv appeared to shut itself off in sudden death. We unplugged it and plugged it back in, hit the power button a couple times, and the tv did not respond. We gave up and went to dinner. When we came back, we plugged it back in again, and it powered up. We tested it with a DVD since we don't yet have any kind of tv service, again selecting the "video" input. This time, it said "VIDEO 1," and the DVD played. The picture was great! But the "VIDEO 1" message would not leave the screen, and it also had a message that said something like "NO SIGNAL DETECTED," in spite of the fact that we could see the DVD image playing behind the message. There was also no sound, which may be because it was turned down. We then discovered that the tv would not respond to it's remote control (which had working batteries correctly inserted, we checked), nor would it respond to the panel buttons on the side of the screen.
We unplugged it to shut it off, and my technologically skilled boyfriend began looking inside the tv. He says all the connections are tight, everything looks clean, everything looks like it should work, nothing is corroded, and nothing is overheated. He simply checked all of the connector plugs between the boards. We couldn't find any problems, but the tv has only one green light on on the motherboard. Sometimes a second or third one come on, and then the fans come on. Currently the tv is not powering up when we plug it in and press power or use the remote. Do you have any ideas about what the problem might be? If so, do you think it is possible to fix? If it is, could you direct us to the appropriate resources? Thanks.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: TV