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Shahid, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  I have been repairing electronic gear since 1993 as a qualified Sony tech
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My mother has a NX2606 26" LCD and she is having a issue with

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My mother has a NX2606 26" LCD and she is having a issue with the color. For example, when she watches the Yankees, their uniforms show pink, like sprayed on the white, which changes, depending on how the light shines on them. Another example of the problem she has is green patches of color on people's skin which also changes, depending on how light shines on them. I have tried adjusting the color, contrast, brightness, but cannot get it to go away. We even called Verizon and had the set top box switched out, thinking that might be the problem, but that didn't work either.
Hello, my name isXXXXX be happy to assist you,

Can you please provide picture of TV screen to see its color problem?
You can upload that picture at any free photo sharing site and post here the file link to view it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am sorry but I cannot provide a picture of the TV screen. I tried to describe it a detailed as I could

OK, no problem.

- If you press Menu button on TV or its remote, does menu option screen appears with normal colors?
- Have you tried to unplug TV power cord from wall outlet for 10 minutes to reset, replug and check?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, I pressed Menu button on TV remote, that is how I tried adjusting color, contrast and brightness . The menu option screen displays the same issue and the picture screen. And, yes, we tried the reset, replug and check. Verizon thought it might be the set top box, so they sent a new one. The issue did not resolve itself even with the new set top box.

ah OK, unfortunately it is problem of display panel (screen) internal circuitry failure that is causing the color issues, I'm sorry for no good news.

Display panel (screen) will be replaced to resolve the problem but its replacement would cost more than new TV price of same screen size.
I'm sorry there is not easy or quick fix for this problem and it is definitely internal circuitry failure.

I trust my input will help you out to make decision about this TV. Please feel free to respond if you have any additional questions.

A positive rating to answer would be greatly appreciated!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help in determining the source of the problem. Before I would suggest that she needed to replace the TV, I wanted some professional opinion on the matter. Could you answer one more question? Her TV is only 6 years old. Why / what could have caused the internal circuitry failure?

Semi conductors / chips can fail at any time and it is bit common problem with flat panels as some got horizontal or vertical lines and some start displaying double image, I saw some got slow motion picture affect when an object in picture moves around, a devalued chip resistor can be cause of internal circuitry failure in your TV.

Hope these info will help, please feel free to respond if you have any additional questions.

Thank you.
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