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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  40 years experience as audio,video repair and installation tech
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My Phillips 55" LCD tv will not power on at all no lights at

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My Phillips 55" LCD tv will not power on at all no lights at all. 2011 model

Hello , my name is Jack
Perhaps I can help you with this problem but first i would have a few questions;


Did your tv quit while you were watching it or just would not turn on today ?

When you say that there is no power on at all , do you mean that there is no standby light at the front or clicking sound when you plug in the power cord or try to turn the tv on ?

In other words , completely dead ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes tried to turn on after being off all night,no nothing no light no standby light nothing.

O.k and any difficulty prior to this to turn the tv on ?
Like it would take longer than usual or repeated attempts before it would turn on ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
None at all that's why I was so surprised just random it says it was manf. In 2011 I bought it in late 2011 early 2012?

You just answered my next question , which was ; how long since you bought this tv ?


At this point with no light or blinking light at the front that could give an error code then you are very most likely looking at a power board problem.


Not sure if you were to look into repairing this yourself but if you do then I will help you along although I will be limited by the fact that I cannot be there myself with tools and meters.


So , my next question would be ;

Do you wish to look into repairing this yourself or just have an idea of what is involved and the repair costs ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Well I would be curious as to h

O.k , I will give you the details and you can decide yourself .


If you are into repairing this yourself then you can get that power board part # XXXXX at the link below for $66 ;


Otherwise , to have a repair shop repair this at home , you may be looking at approx. $250 to $300 and perhaps $50 less if you take it to the shop yourself.


If you`d like to look into repairing this yourself ,I would help you along but a voltmeter may be necessary at some point.
If you go for the repair shop option then click on the link below and enter your zip code ;

This will give you a list of repair shops in your area.
You could give a call to different shops in your area to get an idea of their rates , this is a bit like buying insurances , it pays to shop around.


Wish i had better news and an easier solution for you today but i hope this help and I will be in standby if you have any questions.
Thank you and please take the time to rate my answer if that answers your question and you can still reach me here at anytime after this chat is closed if you have other questions.

Please note that from where i`m sitting there is just so much that i can do and if you are going to rate my answer below O.K service then please do not rate at all , just let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
If I purchase the new power board is it a plug and play set up? Also what are my chances this will fix it in your opinion?
O.k then i would say yes about the P&Play part , this is all screws and plugs , no solder or adjustments and very much like replacing the power supply in your PC.

About the chances that this will fix your problem then i would say 95% chances as you always have to leave out a 5% chance for the unknown when it comes to electronics
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