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I have a Sony TV model number KF-60WE610 that will not generate

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I have a Sony TV model number KF-60WE610 that will not generate a picture meaning the screen is black. I've been told by the guy who gave it to me that it probably needs a new bulb but I am not sure if that's true. Could my problem be a bad bulb and if so, how do I get to the bulb to replace it? Thanks - Trey
Hello my name is Anthony
Thanks for the Question

I may be a few minutes between each request for info thanks for your patience!

Are their any blinking lights on the front of the set either blinking or solid?

Is their any sound please?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. When turned on, the 'Power/Standby' light blinks green (solid red when turned off) and when the TV is on, I can hear what I believe to be a fan wizzing inside the TV set.


Does the powerlight continue just to blink green it doesnt go to red please or blinking red?

Let me know please

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

After about 30 seconds, the power/standby light stops blinking green and begins blinking red.

Hi Trev

OK when it gets to the red blinks they should be blinking and pausing at that point so let me know how many red blinks between pauses you get OR if the blinking red is continuos, if its pausing it may be blinking 5 blinks pause 5 blinks as an example

Let me know please

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The pattern is: It blinks red 5 times then pauses...then repeats.

Hi Trev

OK the first thing to do is have a look at the lamp, it may be obvious that the lamp is bad and that may be causing the 5 blinks (its a wrong error code for this however it can happen)look for discoloration of the lamp or a mush in the lens or if its cracked if you dont know where the lamp is let me know.

Primarily though 5 blinks means a lamp ballast error and this may have to be replaced (after you have looked at the lamp)

Let me know what you see with the lamp

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Many Thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There are glass fragments inside the bulb so that seems like the culpret. Do you have any idea where I can purchase a replacement bulb locally or how I can find out how to get my hands on a replacement bulb? Thanks Anthony

Hi Trev

You must fit an OEM lamp with Sony sets you can get one of those from here

Get one complete with housing as its easier to replace.

Just a note here on the odd occasion the lamp can damage the ballast so BOTH could be bad however usually its just the one part.

Let me know if you need more info

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Many Thanks
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