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Purchased a replacement lamp for KDF55E2000. The replacement

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Purchased a replacement lamp for KDF55E2000. The replacement lamp will not seat in the lamp port. The ring that raises the hooks for seating the lamp will not move properly. Also, the how far inside does the lamp cover go into the portal? Does the cover pass the small metal piece on the right side of the portal?

Can I put the old lamp back in until a replacement for the replacement is received?
Hello and thank you for the question.

Where did you purchase this lamp from and how much did it cost you?

Also, whether or not you can put the old lamp back in depends on if the old lamp was still working or not.

Please reply back and I can assist further.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The replacement lamp was purchased from Part The price was $131.72 (shipping included). The lamp was purchased on 8/29/13.

The old lamp was working.

Thank you for the reply.

You can absolutely install the old lamp and continue to use it while waiting for the new lamp to arrive. A working lamp is perfectly acceptable to use in the TV Tyler.

The issue with the replacement lamp, is common to many subtitute lamps sold by many vendors out there and a problem they have still not corrected yet. This is that the housings and lamps need to be 100% perfectly identical to the OEM lamps, and often times subtle changes are made to the housings that make the lamp NOT suitable to use as a replacement. I see this issue commonly with replacement lamps for Mitsubishi, Sony, and Samsung alike.

However, at the price you paid this does indeed seem to be a proper OEM lamp and not a substitute. It is most probable (but hard for me to tell with any certainty without seeing the lamp in person), that you simply have a defective lamp here.

The lamp should seat in the lamp chamber and stop once you've inserted it fully.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your assistance. You did not address the question about the inside cover. How far inside does it go before being able to close. Should it pass the small metal conduit on the right side of the box?

I actually did address this part at the end of my reply:

"The lamp should seat in the lamp chamber and stop once you've inserted it fully."

Let me know if you need further clarification, and if so I can try to pull the manual up for you.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Your answer concerning the lamp was great. However, I'm asking about the inside cover now. How far into the portal doers it go? Does it go past the small metal conduit on the right side of the replacement portal or should it touch the ring on the lamp cage?

The Lamp will actually "STOP" once it is inserted securely, I'm sorry I cannot be more specific. If you have any concerns, then try putting the OLD lamp back in for reference and postback should you require further assistance.
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