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I have an older pioneer plasma TV - probably 7 years old and

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I have an older pioneer plasma TV - probably 7 years old and have had this problem for sometime. The TV will be playing just fine then suddenly it goes grey. I unplug/jiggle the HDMI cable from the PVR or the Pioneer TV box and it will start working again (sometimes it is just a movement of the box to get it going not necessary to always unplug the HDMI) Suggestions?
Hello and thank you for the question.

Does the problem always go away when you wiggle the HDMI cable?

What devices are you using with the TV (Cable Box, DVD, Blu Ray, etc.), an do you have he same issue regardless of which device you're watching?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, the wiggling always doesn't work. Sometimes I have to unplug the HDMI cable either at the Pioneer box or my PVR. I have a cable BOX, PVR, Blu Ray/DVD, Apple TV and yes the issue seems to occur with all devices - although we mostly watch either Apple TV or Cable

Thank you.

We would need to know for sure if the problem absolutely happens with all devices. Also, I'm assuming that each of these devices has it's own HDMI cable and you're not changing the cables over from one device to another correct?

Also, when you replaced the Media Receiver, did you also purchase a new System Cable?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't change cables on anything. Are you familiar with the Pioneer old TV receivers where all everything runs thru that to the TV? I haven't watched a BluRay for sometime and think that we have had the same problem but can't say for sure. Certainly the Apple TV & Cable are affected.


Regarding the system cable - are you talking about the one that runs from my Pioneer box to the TV?

Yes, I am very familiar with the Media Receiver, and saw that you already swapped it out.

You have it with different devices and each has a different cable so the issue is not with the cable or the devices. That is why we need to know 100% for sure if the issue happens with all devices.

If so, the last possible suspect it could be would be the system cable- which is the cable that runs between the media receiver and the TV.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will go try playing a DVD and comeback to you shortly to let you know if it also does the samething

Okay thank you. XXXXX need to know if you replaced that system cable as well.

We're isolating the problem by ruling out what is not the problem one item at a time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just tried the DVD/Blu Ray and can't replicate it at this point. The system cable wasn't replaced at anytime since this has been occuring.

Okay, well here's the thing, there are only so many variable that could be causing this.

If you're losing picture at the media receiver, then wiggling the cable restores the picture, then you're 9 times out of ten looking at a faulty media box, or the HDMI cable, or maybe even the source device (cable box, dvd, roku, apple tv, etc.). However if you're having this problem with multiple devices, then it's VERY unlikely that more than one Input device would have the problem, and you've already replaced the Media Box- so that rules that out.

You said the HDMI cables haven't been replaced in some time, but the likeliness of BOTH having an issue is rare. However, if you're questioning them- swap them out immediately. It could be the type of cable you're using is simply loose in the connection slots of the media receiver. In fact, based on multiple devices having the same problem, and a replaced Media Box makes it VERY likely the cables should be swapped out.

Aside from those things, there's really nothing else in the signal chain that hasn't been ruled out.

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