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Aric, Technician
Category: TV
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I have a 7 year old SONY WEGA KDF E55A20 55" TV that will not

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I have a 7 year old SONY WEGA KDF E55A20 55" TV that will not stay on continuously. It turns on for a few minutes, then the screen goes dark and no audio, then the video & sound come back on it own. Keeps doing this. Can this problem be repaired?
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you.

When the set cuts out, does the power light on the front of the set begin to blink at all?

If so, is it continuous, or in a pattern (such as 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks, etc.)?

Also, when was the last time that the Lamp was replaced in the TV?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The green power light stays on. It does not blink...

Thanks for the reply.

I need to know the answers of the Info request in full in order to give you an accurate answer.

When was the last time the Lamp was replaced?

When the screen goes black and you lose sound, are you able to bring up Volume, Input, or Menu icons on the screen using the Sony remote?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Lamp was replaced approx. two years ago.


I just tried bringing up vol, menu or input icons while it was dark and nothing will respond.

Thanks for the reply.

So there are no LED's that are lit up abnormally when you lose picture and sound, nothing will show up on the screen either correct?

Can you still hear the Fans running, and is there a distinct "click" sound when the AV is lost?

Additionally, where did you purchase the lamp from and roughly how much did you pay for it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When the picture goes dark, I do not hear a distinct click. I do continue to hear the fan running in the back of the set.


I do not recall how much we paid for the lamp. It was installed by an authorized SONY technician tho. I should also probably mention that our entire AV system took an elec surge from a lightning strike two years ago. Many components had to be replaced. Insurance covered all the repairs, including to the TV - I think they had to replace some electronic circuit board as well as the lamp at that time.

This problem can be due to a few things, and to determine which would require getting deeper into the set and doing some testing and troubleshooting. Are you looking to repair this yourself?

Or are you just looking to see if the problem is repairable, and what the possible causes could be?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would not attempt to repair myself unless it is extremely simple. I am really trying to determine if it can be repaired for a reasonable cost ( a few hundred dollars) versus the cost of a new 55" set - approx. $1,000

Okay I understand.

The possible causes of this problem are as follows, and I will try to explain the best I can here:

A failing Lamp, which even though producing an image, and no blink of the Lamp light, as well as losing audio can still be causing the problem by causing the ballast to see a hard to drive load and cause the TV to drop one of the power supply outputs. An OEM lamp for this set is around $170.

What can also cause this is one or more out of spec capacitors in the ballast or the power supply for the set. These can become intermittent and cause the TV to have these symptoms as well. Average cost for this type of repair is going to be $250 parts and labor.

The last possible culprit is a failing Light Engine. This is not good news because these sets are known for this failure- and there is an inactive recall for this problem several years back. The Light Engines have a failure that will cause the same symptoms you're having and is almost $1000 for this type of repair.

So, while the most common cause of this is a failing lamp- and any lamp over 2 years old is suspect, the only way to tell is to either replace the lamp, or have a tech measure voltages from the ballast and power supply to further isolate what is causing the problem.

Sorry there's not a quick fix for this problem today.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So if I have the tech come visit, will he be able to definitively ID the problem as #1, 2 or 3? If so, then two out of three are not too expensive. But if he can absolutely ID it as problem number three before I spend the $1,000, I would likely opt for just buying a new set.

Am I understanding this correctly?

In answer to your follow up question, the ONLY way to know if the Lamp is causing the problem is to replace the lamp- and that is the first thing any Tech will do.

With regards to: "will he be able to definitively ID the problem as #1, 2 or 3", I have no way of knowing how good, or poor the skillset is of your local Tech, and have no direct experience working with other TV repair Techs in a shop, so I cannot attest to them being able to definitively diagnose the problem properly. I can only tell you what the things are that I see with this set, and the most common cause of failure.
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