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42" LCD TV Hannspree Model: HSH1102 sporadic issue

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I have a 42" LCD TV Brand: Hannspree Model: HSH1102 Product: ST42DMSBUFH4S The TV works fine for a while, only sometimes the image starts to get some lines and very quickly turns black with the lines as shown on image:





...for about 30 seconds, some times it continues like that and sometimes it goes black with a few lit pixels moving around and I have seen it go back to normal a couple times without doing anything. 

The issue gets resolved by just turning off and on the TV, I don't have to wait any time before turning on which tells me it is not a heating issue I have tried hitting lightly around the screen while its having the problem, no change When I unplug from the all while on, turn back on...image goes to normal and stays normal longer I've noticed

Has had the issue with all inputs (HDMI, RGB, Coaxial) I haven't found a pattern that would replicate the issue ... (perhaps messing with inputs or changing channels rapidly) So I wonder If changing the T-Con Board or Main Board or what would correct this issue.


Thank you in advance for the help



Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to assist you. When the problem is occuring if you bring up the menu on the TV, does the menu appear over or obscurred by these lines?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Nop, the menu is not visible, only the lines

Thanks for the reply.

If the MENU image is not visible then the issue is not with the Mainboard, as the Mainboard comes before the MENU being generated. MENU is generated by the T-Con, so the problem would be due to either a faulty 12 volt output from the Power Supply to the T Con or a faulty T- Con board.

The first thing I would do is check the Power Supply board for any capacitors that show signs of leaking, or bulged capacitors. Any of these will cause ripple in the DC output of the power supply and can cause these lines on the screen such as you're having here. If this checks out fine then you would want to replace the T-Con board.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Awesome, that's exactly the info I needed, Thanks!

I will close this report after this message, I have changed a few capacitors on other TVs but mainly because there was no image at turn on so this one confused me, specially since I don't have that much experience.

In essence I think with the steps given the issue would get fixed, I guess what Im asking is.....aside from Power Supply Caps or T-Con there really wouldn't be anything else to look at correct?

Again, thanks for the info.

The only other component in the TV that would possibly cause a similar issue is a failing LCD panel in the TV itself, but this issue would not correct itself after power cycling the set- so yes, these two issues (T-Con, and the output from the power supply to the T Con), along with the LVDS cable connections themselves from the Mainboard to the T Con would be only things that would cause this.
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