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42 " Vizio 3D TV Keeps Turning Off By Itself.

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My 42" Vizio 3D TV keeps turning off by itself. I turn it on, and a few moments later, the light in the corner blinks and it shuts off.

Make: Vizio
Model: E3DB420VX

Already Tried:
Cleaned all the vents

Thank you for asking your question today. It would help us to know:
How long ago did you purchase your TV?
Does the screen light up?

Are you able to hear the sound?

We're looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We won it in a raffle in December 2011. The screen does come on. And i have a reciever that the sound comes through.

Ok thank you for that information, you are aware that the unit should still be under the one year warranty.?

So what happens, you turn it on then the screen lights and then it goes out and turns off?

Do you see the programming from your cable box or does it not stay on long enough to see anything?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am able to use my Xbox for a while.

I still get picture and functionality but after a few minutes of use, it shuts off and the light blinks.

Thank you, ***** ***** you are explaining it seems as though the back lights are shutting down, the back lights are a series of lamps that are located inside of the LCD panel (screen) to light the panel. Without back lights nothing can be seen on the screen. if for some reason they fail because of a faulty inverter board or possibly the LCD panel itself is defective then the unit will turn itself off to prevent further damage or fire.

Because this unit is under warranty you should contact Vizio for support to set up service. Here is a link to Vizio support with phone numbers and contact information. Please don't hesitate to reply if you need further assistance or elect to go a different route as opposed to warranty service.

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