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vizio 32 wifi tv just lost picture. has sound. cant turn it

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vizio 32 wifi tv just lost picture. has sound. can't turn it off. only can use remote to change channels or turn cable on and off. can't turn down volume

Have you tested the TV's functions with the controls ON the TV? Do they ALL function, or do you find the same issue with the volume?


Unplug your TV's power cord for 5 minutes....let's see if the TV's micro just needs a hard reset.


If you have a cable box, unplug it's power cord for the same amount of time. I've seen those black out the picture, but still deliver sound.


But the volume problem.....that's pointing to the TV for sure.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The only control i can find on the tv appears to be the power switch. it does not turn the tv off.
If the volume problem is pointing to the tv, as you say, and which I suspect is true because i saw other vizio owner posts with similar problems, than I can't see the point of unplugging anything.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Unplugged and replugged. It's working except I can't control the volume with the cable remote, yet I can turn the tv on and off and change channels with the cable remote. Only can control volume with vizio remote. I would think that if the cable remote had somehow stopped recognizing the Vizio tv then none of its functions would work. Weird. But thanks. Appreciate it.

Just saw your NEW POST -- if the Vizio remote does control the volume, and the Cable remote does not....reinstall your TV code on the Cable remote. It's either corrupted and needs re-installed or the Cable remote has failed.

Never mind the info below. I just pressed the Information Request button and saw your response at that time.






You probably have the Touchpad buttons and that's why you can't find it. The first time I ran across them, I was saying "where's the buttons at? Don't tell me the manufacturer decided to not install them." Then my customer "stroked" the plastic frame by the power button and they lit up.


"Oh.....that's new. They sure didn't mention that in training".


Anyways, issues like you experience, we always reset the TV and/or cable box FIRST. The reason is simply because software can get corrupted on TVs just as much as it can lock up a computer. And the only way to reload software on a TV or cable box is to unplug it for 5 minutes.


We really want to make sure the software isn't corrupted. If your TV's volume control doesn't work after the reset, we do want to check the "well hidden" front panel controls to see if they work or not. The remote control has it's own computer too, and it can lock up and produce the no volume control issue too.


Unplug the battery on that, but only for a minute. Press the power button on the remote to drain the power off of the computer.


If it still fails afterwards....then we start looking at hardware failures instead of software failures.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Reprogrammed the cable remote and it works fine.
I ran my hands all around the tv but no buttons came to life. Near the power button is a row of what is labeled USB connectors, but they look nothing like usb's.

I'm convinced Vizio is garbage.

Remember when any idiot could watch tv? I guess that's why it was called the idiot box.

The best and last major advance in television was the wireless remote. After that, they should have taken a bow,left the stage and gone home.
Anyway, thanks again, you were great. Really appreciate it.

Hey....we KNOW that there is a set of controls on the TV.


They just didn't tell us where they HID THEM.


It sounds like you got your problem resolved with the cable remote so you're back in business, but if you'd like to find out where they hid the buttons --do this.


Front of the screen. Where's the power button ? The other touch pad buttons are near it 90% of the time. I end up having to lay my thumb on the lower half of the frame and go around it on the right side and the bottom. And the markings are nearly invisible. I have to get out my flashlight to see the "gray on black" markings.


And I have not seen your model number on Vizio's support page. There's a few XVT units, but not XVT323SV. Must be relatively new unit.





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