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We are getting no signal from our directv box to the tv. It

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We are getting no signal from our directv box to the tv. It was working this morning but then my husband moved the directv box and now it cannot get a signal. I changed HDMI cords and even tried HDMI 2 and front HDMI with the Apple TV and no luck please help

Does APPLE TV also provide you with the slightly older COMPONENT OUTPUTS??


HDMI can get locked out due to Copyright protection, but Component outputs will always provide a picture no matter what.


You've seen the 5 wire RCA jacks that take this cable on your Apple TV correct ? --



The solid colored ones create the picture, and the black ones are for sound. If you want to see if your TV is bad, or the Apple TV is bad, trying a DVD player on your TV would tell us if the TV is having HDMI problems or if the Apple isn't sending it's signal using HDMI.


And the Component cable delivers it's picture to the TV set completely differently. That helps us to start isolating where the problem is at.


So try some other boxes on your TV set and see if you get a picture or not.

Try the Apple with the component cables, or try it with a second TV and see what it does.


Just remember, the PROBLEM will always stay with the unit that HAS the problem.


If it's the TV....the problem will stay with the TV and it's HDMI connectors.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Okay I have pinpointed the problem. The S cords work, but all HDMI inputs do not. We have three and none get a signal. I even tried to put in a brand new HDMI code in all three inputs. So could it be something loose? Or can I reset the TV? Help please

Wow, when ALL 3 don't work, it sounds like the TV's HDMI inputs died on you.


This is what I'm going to suggest you try --


Unplug the TV set and any HDMI connected devices. Remove the power cord for 5 minutes.


Disconnect the HDMI cables from the TV.


After the 5 minute wait, plug the power cords back in on the TV and devices, then turn them ALL ON.


Wait one minute....then plug the HDMI cables back in and see if the HDMI resets and you get your picture back or not.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Did that. And it did not work. This happened once before and a tech guy came it and all of the sudden it worked. I am taking the back off the tv now to see if the ports are loose. I am assuming they are all connected to the same part. Is that correct? How much to replace it?

Hmm, before you try that, get your Sony remote. Press the UP ARROW on the remote, pointing it at the TV set with the TV ON.


Then press and release the Power button located on the TV set. Hold it for at least one or two seconds while pointing the remote at the TV.


See if the TV initializes.


The TV should turn off....then turn back on if it does.


Then try that previous reset procedure listed above again

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Did it several times and no luck.

Ok, we are going to need to get the TV's model number so we can look up parts for it.


Look on the back for the sticker with the model number.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Digital board -- UX28022 or UX28021 (conflict in service manual)


Terminal board -- JP55121



I'm presently collecting data right now, and because of the conflict in part numbers, I'll have to do more research. May take an hour...bear with me.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No problem. I thought it was the digital board.

UX28201 comes up twice on two part suppliers, so I believe that is the CORRECT part number you need for your model number.


Available here --


You'll have to replace the digital Main board to get the HDMI back up and running.



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