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Dan - Master Tech
Dan - Master Tech, Master Electronic Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  Nearly 4 decades of installing and repairing TV's of all types.
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My TV turns on for a few seconds then turns off. How do I

Resolved Question:

My TV turns on for a few seconds then turns off. How do I reset it so that it stays on.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Dan - Master Tech replied 5 years ago.

Dan - Master Tech : Greetings, please list the specific model number of your Mitsubishi TV. It should begin with WD. Dan

hold on



Dan - Master Tech : Thank you for the model number. Just before the TV started having this problem, did the picture appear normal? When the TV turns on now for a few seconds, are you able to see any image at all?

It was working fine during the day. When we got home from being out, my son turned it on and that is when this condition began. Now, I don't see a picture prior to the TV shutting off.

Dan - Master Tech : In my experience servicing the V18+ chassis of your model TV there are two common problems affecting its operation. The first one is a convergence problem which plagues many of the older Mitsubishi models. This usually manifests itself by distorting the image displayed on the screen and causing color outlines to appear. If the problem is severe enough it can cause the TV to shut down depending on the components that have failed. The second problem has been faulty capacitors in the power supply. Does the TV have sound? Does the power on LED indicator on the front panel blink three times when starting?

The TV doesn't have sound or picture when it is turned on. The LED indicator light is solid prior to shutting off.

Dan - Master Tech : Please try the following procedure I have taken from my service manual:
Dan - Master Tech : Error Code Operational CheckPressing the front panel “INPUT” and “MENU” buttons at the same time, and holding for 5 seconds,activates the Error Code Mode. The LED flashes denoting a two digit Error Code, or indicating no problemhas occurred since the last Initialization.Note: The front panel buttons must used, NOT those on the Remote Control.• The number of flashes indicates the value of the MSD (tens digit) of the Error Code.• The flashing then pauses for approximately 1/2 second.• The LED then flashes indicating the value of the LSD (ones digit) of the Error Code.• The Error Code is repeated a total of 5 times.Example: If the Error Code is “24”, the LED will flash two times, pause, and then flash fourtimes.

Error code indicates "22"

Dan - Master Tech : That indicates a short circuit. Unfortunately these models did not provide much information beyond the very basic. The short circuit protection circuit could be responding to a problem in a number of areas and will require a service technician to determine the actual fault.

OK...I suppose I have a decision to make about calling a technician and replacing the TV....It's ten years old after all.

Dan - Master Tech : I realize that is a rather vague answer and I apologize however that is the extent of what I can offer unless you have any technical experience in electronic servicing. There are troubleshooting procedures to follow in narrowing down the problem and you may want to consider your options. The TV, as you mentioned, is nearly 10 years old and given the cost of repair versus purchasing a new TV, you may be better off with a new purchase. Consider that even if you do repair the Mitsubishi for a couple hundred dollars, you will still have a 10 year old set with only a few new parts.

Thank you for your help Dan. I appreciate your time. This is a great service in place of calling a repair technician or simply purchasing a new TV. At least I have a better idea of the situation.

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