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I have been having problems connecting to Netflix on my TV

Resolved Question:

I have been having problems connecting to Netflix on my TV for the past week. It happened suddenly giving me a message, " we are having trouble linking on to this title, please try another one or try again later". Neither works. I can get Netflix on my telephone and on my computer, so it does come through but not on the TV. Please help!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Dan - Master Tech replied 5 years ago.

Dan - Master Tech :

Greetings, since the Samsung TV is not capable of connecting directly to the internet, please list the brand and model number of the device you use to view Netflix on the TV. Dan

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Good evening,

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

I use a Samsung Blue ray player model # XXXXX through a smart hub that shows up on my television.

Dan - Master Tech :

I'm having difficulty locating information on the Samsung BR, are you certain of the model number?

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

sorry, it is Blu ray player model# XXXXX not 6250...typo error.

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Would you also have information for me to connect my wireless laptop to show movies I have on it to appear on the TV also? I have lots of movies...but don't quite understand how to connect the two together from the directions in the manual. It's not very clear...

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Is anyone there?

Dan - Master Tech :

I apologize for the delay. Please realize that unless I happen to be online at the same time you respond that it may take a while for a response. Unfortunately this can result in a number of exchanges before the situation is resolved. I'm an electronic service technician with over 40 years of experience and use Just Answer to assist people such as yourself in my spare time.

Dan - Master Tech :

As for your new information on the model number, thank you for the clarification. I will need to know what you have for a laptop (brand and model number will help) as well as the operating system used (xp, vista, 7 etc.). I also have a brand new Samsung TV of my own and I will walk you through the steps of setting it up after you have replied. BTW, I am on the east coast so there may be a time difference as well contributing to when each of us is online. Dan

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Thank you Dan for your response. In light of this information , I will do the best I can to meet online.

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Regarding the laptop, I have a Gateway. I haven't been asked what model in so long, I have to look it up

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

It's a W3501 model. I run Windows XP on it.

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

My son wanted me to mention that this has happened before with a brand new Toshiba Bluray player and I had to take it back. So this could be another hummm...

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

What time are you online the most in your time? I can then interact with you more efficiently instead of playing tag, agree?

Dan - Master Tech :

I'm on only briefly at the moment just to check responses. I will be online later tonight after 6PM my time. In the meantime I will check the specs for the laptop and BR player. Dan

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

ok thank you

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

Dan Are you allowed to call individuals to let them know you are on so we can be in sync with each other? My cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX, so I can be on at the same time and get my problem resolved.

Dan - Master Tech :

I'm sorry that the site policy is that users are unable to make personal contact with one another. So that we can move on the next time we connect, please download and install Samsung's Allshare application from the Samsung site here=> Download for Allshare. If you scroll down a way on the page and click the Software tab you will see a link to download Ver. 2 of the Allshare application. Dan

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

thank you for that information Dan. Now, if we can just get together for the Netflix issue!

JACUSTOMER-pbzwcsk8- :

I still haven't recieved my answer regarding how to get my netflix to play again on my TV. Please help!

Expert:  Michelle-mod replied 5 years ago.

Hi, I’m a moderator for this topic and I wonder whether you’re still waiting for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will do my best to find another Professional to assist you right away. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hello Michelle,


No I am not happy, as he didn't answer my question at all. He asked me what models of TV, BluRay, and Lap top I have but still I didn't get my answer to the original question of "how do I get Netflix to play back on my television as it has si nce December 2011. It only started not working since March 2012. It seems I paid only for getting information about my equipment and not how to fix my problem. And it took a long time to get no answer...

Expert:  Michelle-mod replied 5 years ago.

Sometimes, finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

If you can actually ACCESS Netflix on your Blu Ray player AND your computer, then your router/wireless connection is actually working fine.


That's half the battle right there.


Now you stated -- It happened suddenly giving me a message, " we are having trouble linking on to this title, please try another one or try again later"

So that tells me your Blu Ray and/or computer isn't having issues with your router.


When you cannot connect to Netflix with 50% of all your devices, it usually means you have to either set the Video Resolution back one setting so your device can download it, or you need to Deactivate and Reactivate your Device(s) to re-establish brand new connections between Netflix and the Device(s) that are not functioning correctly.


I'll show you a picture of Netflix's account page. You should find both the Change video resolution, and the Deactivate/Reactivate device(s) on it.



Now, you see the MANAGE VIDEO QUALITY setting Above that arrow? Select that first, set it back one lower video quality setting and see if you can get the computer/blu ray player to actually play what you want it to.


Remember....if you can connect to Netflix, then half the battle is won, and all you have to do is to get your Video quality reduced to see if it starts streaming again or not.




Then access your computer and your account and Deactivate, then Reactivate your Netflix Devices.


I just did that for another customer, using my Netflix account and it really isn't hard to reactivate the device. I pressed the Netflix button on my DVD and it asked basic questions, and delivered the Activation code. I took that code to my computer and typed it in, and was done in 2 minutes.


As for the computer you have...if it WAS connected before, then it still is connected to Netflix.

If it was NEVER connected, then we have to set up your computer's wireless connection point to access the router FIRST. That's simply selecting a wireless connection on the computer, then selecting your router, then typing the router's password XXXXX just like you did with your Blu Ray player.


My only concern is that you have XP on your laptop. That may be challenging because it's two operating systems behind.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did as instructed to go to Netflix checked the video quality and pressed a button less than what was needed for the streaming. Then I deactivated it through the devices. It deactivated, or at least gave me a deactivated message on my computer. Then I went to Netflix and pressed to reactivate and pressed the Netflix icon to reactivate. It did not give me a new code but went straight to Netflix as if nothing happened. And loaded up the page but no code was displayed to put in box. It just went to Netflix. It also didn't change the loading message I have been getting, " Sorry we cannot connect to Netflix at this time, please try again later or pick another topic". So, this did not work.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

You may want to try that DEACTIVATE again. It should have deactivated, and it did NOT.


And if you cannot get it to call Netflix, because it's supposed to. If they have to force a deactivation, then at least you know they are having an issue on their end of the system.


I'm beginning to suspect that.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I finally recieved the deactivation code and reset it. It took a while for the reset to work but it did not however solve the problem. Since I hadn't hear from you, I decided to take my blue ray back to the store and exchange it in hopes that that will solve and fix my problem. When I spoke to a representative at Samsung she told me they would send me something to reboot or update my stuff but it will take three weeks to get it.
So, if you have anymore solutions, I am open to suggestions, other than that, I will be taking the blue ray back in hopes that this fixes the problem.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 5 years ago.

If you exchange your DVD player, get online at Netflix. Do the Deactivation before you box up your DVD player. If you don't deactivate, then that DVD player is still connected to your Netflix account. And who knows what the code will do in somebody else's hands.


You don't want that DVD player connected to your account, so make sure you Deactivate it, ok?


Then get another Blu Ray.


And to be honest, we were about to do what you are doing after Deactivating it and re-establishing a new connection to Netflix.


If they still have this at the store, try getting the BDD5700 or the BDD6500. I have both in my home and they function great. I think they have a newer model BDD5750.

Hmm, they changed the last D to E....same models though. Their list of features is not correct. Both the BDD5700 and BDD6500 are wifi ready, and mine has Component and HDMI outputs, my wife's BDD5700 does not have Component HD outputs on hers.*1218554261409*1218481001938&unProductString=1218540212059*1218540212212&catId=


And I didn't pay 200 for my Blu ray, I bought it for $120 for the 6500 and 90 for the 5700.


Geez, Best Buy used to be so good and informative, and I'm beginning to see them slip. Don't like that....I've trusted them for years.



TV Tech1, Technician
Category: TV
Satisfied Customers: 5316
Experience: 30 Years experience. Authorized Warranty servicer.
TV Tech1 and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I ended up getting another DVD player to exchange the other one. Thanks anyway for your help.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 4 years ago.


You're welcome, I just hope the store doesn't sell it as an open box item, and sends it to the manufacturer for refurb.