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bluextc89, Technician
Category: TV
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have olevia 242fhd-t11 will not come on blue light comes on

Customer Question

have olevia 242fhd-t11 will not come on blue light comes on sometimes
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for stopping by:

Do you hear any noises while it attempts to power on? Clicks, pops, buzzes, whirrrs?

Are there any solid or flashing indicator lights on the front of the set?
If YES - What color?
If flashing - is there a set pattern, or number, of blinks between slight pauses?

In a dark room - Does the screen "GLOW" black - or is it just "dead"?

Does the picture appear for any length of time, or never?

Do you ever have sound?

Does the problem happen on ALL input sources?
ie. Can you successfully watch a DVD or play a video game using another input selection?

What is the approximate purchase date of the unit?

Finally - do you have experience repairing TVs and testing live circuits, or are you looking for a diagnostic and repair estimate?


NOTE: Researching answers, complexity of the problem, and customer Volume (real and virtual) can all extend your answer time. The questions asked above are very important for me to have a better understanding of what you are seeing... and potential problems with your TV. Please allow some time to review service and reference materials and to type out a reply once you have submitted answers to all of the information requested above
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no noise

no lights


no picture


no other sources

4 years

no experience

Expert:  bluextc89 replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for that info.

Based on your response - it appears the FSP271-4F02 power supply has failed, and requires repair/replacement.


You'll find them reasonably priced on or eBay. (starting around $50).

If you need this replaced at your local shop... expect to pay $160-$190 plus 1 hour shop labor. If the board can be repaired on the component level - expect $200.

If you have additional - Just Ask.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
there are two parts in the diagram which one is it and is there insructions along withit
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 5 years ago.
I'm not sure I understand your question.

The first picture is of the power supply.
The two other links take you to replacement boards ready to buy.

And no - TV replacement parts do not come with replacement instructions... ever.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i mean where to replace the part on the set and could you supply some instructions

we have no repair shops in our area

thank you

Expert:  bluextc89 replied 5 years ago.
Unplug the TV and let it sit for 2 hours.

Place the TV face down on a padded surface. A Table with a blanket will do.

Remove the stand by removing the 8 (or so) screws that secure it to the TV.

Remove the back 1/2 of the TV shell by removing the 10 (or so) screws around the outer edge.

Right in the middle is the main AV board. Just to the left should be the Power supply.

There is likely a metal shield that will need to be removed before gaining access to the power supply.

I recommend taking notes and/or pictures before starting if any problems arise later on - you know what it looked like originally.

Carefully remove/unplug all the connectors.

Remove the 6 (or so) screws holding the board to the chassis.

Replace with the new board.

Assemble reverse of disassembly.

If you have additional - Just Ask.

bluextc89 and 2 other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank you will give it a try
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i replaced the power supply the blue light on front comes on but nothing else lights up


Already Tried:
Ireplaced the power supply. The blue light on front comes on.But nothing else comes on. Is this considered a new question or a follow up


Urgency: LOW