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My sony sxrd 50" shuts down and the stand by light blinks red

Resolved Question:

My sony sxrd 50" shuts down and the stand by light blinks red 4 times.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Steven replied 5 years ago.

Steven :

Hi, my name isXXXXX just logged in and saw your question, the 4x flash code is a faulty fan, it is usually the one located in the rear of the set on the left hand side as viewed from the back. power on the Tv and look through the vents and see if the fan blades spin. most likely they are not and that is the problem.

Customer: When I turn the tv on it does start and the fan is going. After awhile it turns off and then it starts to blink red. It just started to resently do this. This morning it did it shortly after turning on the tv twice. Now I turned it on to see if the fan is working(which it is now) and it is staying on so far. Is the fan just starting to go bad or could it be something else?
Steven :

Thay do act this way sometimes times when the fan is starting to go, it may shut down, once the fan stops the the unit will shut down shortly after and the red light will blink 4 times / pause / 4 times. the sure thing would be to get it when it does not start and look to see if the fan is spinning or not right from the start, if it is not then most like that fan is your culprit.

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