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sony bravia lcd rear projection kf-42e200a will not start (just

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sony bravia lcd rear projection kf-42e200a will not start (just replaced bulb) diagnostic lamp flashes 3 times ,then off for 2 seconds, (before repeating again), have triple-checked bulb installation is ok and lamp doors are seating properly have had doors on and off many times (checking that the switch is engaged)
now at a loss

Actually, there's more than ONE....


More than one switch that can cause the Lamp Door switch-Fail code to pop up.


You have the switch for the Door's Latch, but there is another switch for the Lamp-inserted mode.


Lamp-inserted switch is the one that always fails in the US, not the door closed switch.


Your model is likely to be our model too -- I'll see if I can get a picture or two to help you Identify the problem switch.


Hmm, KF series are front load lamps, not side load lamps. Do you have a TV set where the lamp is installed on the Right side of the TV cabinet? Those are the ones that have the extra switch.


The front loaded lamps never had those over here.



Ok, here is the one and only side-load dual switch unit that Sony made as far as I can recall -- Used the XL 2300 -- 2400 -- maybe the 2500 lamp. The one with the Latch on the lamp itself. Real pain to install if the lamp was Non-Sony.


Thank God Sony only made one model with the extra switch in the lamp chamber.



I highlighted the two unique parts that pretty much guarantees this unit has the lamp sense switch.


Get back with me.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thanks very much , yes my unit is exactly as you have shown ,and has lamp unit

in rh side of the set, so it looks like I do have the extra switch unfortunately.

Have now had lamp unit in and out (and jiggled about many times) to no avail of course

Thanks heaps

Well, theres two ways of fixing that model, and I usually just replace the tiny micro switch that's located JUST UNDER that odd-looking window where the lamp injects it's light into.


You have to get a flashlight -- remove your lamp. Look way inside near the end of the lamp chamber, and you'll see a piece of glass that's all the way in the back. Now look down under the glass for a teeny tiny silver bar, and that is your microswitch.


For that switch to engage, you have to slide your lamp in, let it lock, then you may find your circular latch floating High up above the track -- I always have to push it DOWN so the back end of the lamp is actually in contact with the lower rails. That's pretty common to have the lamp's "Butt" up in the air.... You have to tell the lamp to "SIT!" like you do a dog.


SIT! SIT! Stayyyyy. Stayyyy down Rover.


(sorry that's the best way to explain it)


Problem is your lamp likes to stand up in the back.


Anyways, that's One reason your TV gives you the blink code.


The other reason is that switch is fragile, and usually needs replacement, and it's a real PAIN to replace it ! Even for a tech.


You have to remove the back cover, disassemble the lamp's chamber (two-piece design). That's the easy part.


Removing the Engine and rolling it over to get the switch removed....that's the hard part.


Now, what I do to get my customers up and running is to simply disable the switch by jumpering it. When I get the new switch I simply remove the jumper.


At least then my customer can watch TV while I get the part for it.


Now we're restricted by law to replace that part. Even though the switch was a bad idea, and really served no purpose, Sony made it that way, you make sure it's the same way Sony made it.


The hard part is finding a real fine wire to insert in the socket.


Anyways, I'll get you a part number for it. Now remember, I am in the USA and you are not. I can get the USA part number, but I suggest you use Google to see if there are any sites that list that part number, and then validate it as the same number they use in Australia. I suspect it is, but they do change model numbers for the sole fact that your SIGNAL is Different, your AC power is different, than ours is.


Thus the change in the MODEL number.


Now the part number is XXXXX




Here is a picture to locate it --





TV Tech1 and 2 other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Fantastic help !!!! Many thanks again from Oz !!!!!