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Need universal remote device code for Aquos LC-32D62U TV

Customer Question

I'm looking for the universal remote device code for my Aquos LC-32D62U TV? Looked in the booklet and on the internet for the universal remote device code for this particular model with no luck. How and where do I find it?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  DMGreenTech replied 6 years ago.
To answer that question, I need to know what kind of remote you're using and what type of TV you have..

You've already told me that you have an Aquos, so detailing the remote type is the additional piece of information that I need.

If you have an older universal remote, there is a chance that it's not compatible (at all) with a newer TV, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

For your purpose, one hint is that Aquos is made by Sharp... So you're looking for a code to a Sharp TV.

Typical sharp codes are: 0039, 0093, 0165, 0386 - but again, to give you the link that you need and to provide answers with a bit more accuracy, let me know what kind of remote that you have..
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It's a Bose universal remote, which is included with their Cinemate Series II home theater speaker system.
Expert:  DMGreenTech replied 6 years ago.

Bose remote codes can be found here:

Please confirm this is the correct type of bose universal remote.

Again, you're looking for a code to a SHARP TV. Those codes are:
10093, 10030, 11917,
11602, 11393, 11193,
11165, 10851, 10818,
10787, 10720, 10689,
10688, 10650, 10491,
10474, 10386, 10256,
10165, 10157, 10039,
10032, 10009

(sorry for the long list, but that's what BOSE provides)