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How do I move the picture down on the Samsung DLP TV scree

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How do I move the picture down on the Samsung DLP TV screen?

You should first check the PSize button, because there MIGHT be a zoom setting that has Up/Down arrows with it -- if so, that setting is designed to be adjustable in the vertical direction.


If you are in that zoom mode, you need to re-center the picture.


If you are NOT in that mode, then switch over to the 16:9 picture, and then Verify that the picture is -- or is NOT centered.


Also, if you have replaced the DLP IC, or have removed the DMD module that holds the DLP IC, you MUST tell me that. It's very important to know if it has been removed from the chassis.


Reason is, you normally don't have to make mechanical or electrical adjustments to re-center the picture, and you do not want to make any adjustments without a reason.


You don't make adjusments unless something has changed, or been changed in the history of your TV set.


So let me know, ok? Whatever has been done will point us in the correct direction.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

There is only two options 16.9 or 4.3 - the zoom or wide is not an option.


We just hooked it back up after it had sat awhile. Months ago Samsung sent out a sub-contractor and paid for the pixar (or solar system) problem we had with it. But he turned on the set to make sure it was fixed, and we did not notice that the picture was too high at that time.

Hmm, that's usually due to the fact the signal source is HD when you get limited settings in PSize.Set it for 16:9 FIRST


Make SURE your TV is setting on a solid Flat Surface. I had one guy using ONE barstool, and claiming his TV picture looked Horrible ! Is it any wonder? He was bending the case of the TV, distorting the picture !


I really don't like divulging the electronic adjustments in the super-secret servicer's menu...they're super secret for a reason.


The reason -- I've seen people go thru the settings wondering what "this and that" does...and NOT remembering the original setting. Then their TV looks horrible, and they expect the Tech to know what they did to create such a horrible picture.


Can't help you when that happens....



So -- with that Warning in place, we have to adjust the Vertical Centering.


With the TV turned off


Press -- Mute 182 Power -- on the TV's remote.


Don't pause, do it smoothly within 4 to 5 seconds, and keep the remote pointed at the TV screen.

And don't do it when you have JUST turned off the TV -- turn off the TV, give it 4-5 minutes for the TV to FULLY shut down, then Mute 182 Power it.


That will access the service menu.


Vertical and Horizontal Centering controls are accessed by using the up/down and left/right arrows as a team. The Center button activates the setting to adjust it, then you adjust it with either the left/right OR the UP/DOWN keys on your remote.


Now, let's go find the Vertical Centering adjustment....










That will get you to the V-Position adjustment. Once finished press the MENU to back out to the main page, then press EXIT on your remote OR Turn off the TV and turn it back on to get your normal picture back.



If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !



Thank you.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I believe I could adjust this with your instructions but the picture is too high for me to see the V setting so I don't know where I am when I select V-Position. I know to "enter" but not sure if the left or right buttons make the setting number go "higher" or "lower". Can you give me a little more instructions? I am assuming that if pic is too high, then I need to "lower" the present setting.

Hmm, that is challenging......


Now, you do have the picture size set for 16:9 , correct?


Try it again in 4:3 mode, and if you cannot get it into 4:3 mode, then switch your cable box over to a low def channel that isn't HD.


Your cable box's guide should show you something like HD in the channel directory -- find one that's not labled as HD or D or DTV on the channel logo or channel number.


Usually that should be easy to access the 4:3 mode -- it should deliver the ENTIRE picture that the cable box is delivering to your TV set.


If you see a clipped picture there -- then LOOK at your Cable box's remote for a ZOOM or ASPECT button it and make ABSOLUTELY SURE it's not zoomed, ok?


Set that to Standard or Normal if it's not.


But -- I do think your TV's Vertical centering is WAY OFF since the Service menu is clipped.


So - This is how we do it when we can't see the whole menu.


Access the service menu.


1] The menu ALWAYS starts at the TOP of the menu

2] Count the settings between OPTION and the DDP 3020/whatever. Arrow down by counting.

3] Press the OK button/Center button

4] Press the Right arrow Key


You should NOW be in the Vertical Postion mode.


Press the Arrow DOWN button and see if the picture moves down.

If it doesn't, try the LEFT Arrow key -- KEEP an eye on the whole picture to see if it moves down or not.


Hopefully it will


If it doesn't, turn OFF the TV so it doesn't store/change the setting you just adjusted.


Try it again. Re-access your menu, count down to the V position setting.


Now, here is the steps I would do.....

Mute 182 Power

Wait for the display

Arrow down ONCE

Enter button next

Then LEFT arrow -- you may have to press it several times to see it move down, I don't think it changes by HOLDING the button down. Press press press press press (5 times)

It should move down....


Now, if you find you have to go all the way down to zero or 60 to get it close, but it's still not on the mark, then that DMD module will have to be moved UP to make the picture go DOWN.


Ugh! What a pain THAT is to align ! Been there, done that! And if you had a good picture when the Tech came out and installed the new DLP chip, then I doubt you have to do the mechanical adjustement on the DMD module !


Let's hope the electrical adjustment does the job.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, I took the V-Position all the way down to 0 so that the menu is now visible. BUT the actual TV picture is still too high as the black band across the bottom is still there. Sorry about this, but I know the picture filled the entire screen previously and it is frustrating to know that it doesn't now.

Did the picture MOVE? Or did it NOT MOVE?


I'm beginning to wonder if the picture is actually missing a chunk of the lower part.


Quick test for that .... ESPN, MSNBC, QVC.....all have a lower banner bar that shows up at the Bottom of the TV screen.


Look at those channels, VERIFY if the banner bar shows up at the bottom or not , ok?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Can see the bottom running script on ESPN and the item information on bottom of QVC. Problem is entirely on the top, unless there is something blocking the picture from shifting down.


Am beginning to think this TV is a lemon. Just this afternoon, the color is now fading in and out - and we've only had it hooked back up for a week. Before that it ran for about 14 months before the pixal probel showed up.

There's got to be some logical reason the picture shifted, if you can't electrically shift the picture down, then the DMD board will have to be loosened up and pushed up.


Here is the full instructions to do that.








When you loosen it up, move it up so you can read the service menu. YOU WILL WANT to set the Vertical position setting back to 30 so it's centered first, then do the mechanical readjustment.


I recommend having a large mirror positioned in front so you can see the bottom of the screen so you can land the picture correctly, then tweak it using the crosshatch pattern they mention.


I don't use it myself, I use MSNBC or any good news show with the stock quotes at the bottom.


Generally, you rough it in, center the Vertical Position to 30, get it closer, level the stock quotes so they aren't tilted, then lock down the screws and TWEAK with the Vertical position setting..


That will get your picture back where it belongs.


Color only fades if you are using an antenna - more than likely it's just the TV station or possibly a loose connection -- after all you are working on the TV set and those connections do get in the way of work.




If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.


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