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Hiachi power supply ha01572 has 5.6v,14.6v,24.6v missing 84v,60v.

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Hiachi power supply ha01572 has 5.6v,14.6v,24.6v missing 84v,60v. Diods, caps is good.?????

Those voltages are the Va and Vs voltages for the plasma drive - if one of the driver boards have failed, they Y-sustain board will issue a disable command for those voltages - have you checked the Y-driver boards?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes i did it-driver boards good.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i need scematic diagramm for power supply

I do not have a good schematic of the power supply - the service manual is limited in schematic area - as the board is considered a replacement unit. There are some trouble shooting tips for this series - to force the power supply to turn on - without disabling signals. To verify if its the power supply or a fault signal disabling the Vs and Va source.
In my experience - its been a disable signal and not the power supply for those voltages - can come from the Y-sus or X-Sus boards, as well as an error on the main board.

I've attached the diagnostic tips here and here - the thing to remember is to power off the unit with the power switch on the bottom of the set - to reset any error code.

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