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Rick williams
Rick williams, Technician
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I need help diagnosing a samsung DLP TV problem

Customer Question

I need help diagnosing a samsung DLP TV problem
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

Hello friend, My name is XXXXX XXXXX Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem, And possibly help you save on these Labor charges today,


Great diagnosis,, But unfortunately this is a DMD issue,,


with a DLP and the lamp is on with a black screen you have a bad DMD module which is connected on the engine assembly. Check with manufacturer and the list below to price a DMD and also engine, if the price isn't far off you should get the engine because it will come with a DMD module on it. But you can try an old trick use a can of cold spray on the DMD board and see if any caps are leaking; the picture should have a response to the change in temperature if this board is bad, and also on the digital board. These are some part store more pictures of DMD

To be honest this is an expensive repair, until something like a kit is invented, the great news is there are companies that rebuild engines.

And try below and see how much to rebuild it.

Contact authorized center they will check serial number you may still be covered by the manufacturer and not know it.

And this one rebuilds board's very helpful company

www.PTSCORP.COM and TriState or click here

Well Good luck friend, and if my efforts on trying to help you save on those large labor charges are appreciated, feedback and a bonus will be appreciated




And also manuals sites

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Can a dmd board cause an intermittent failure? does it over heat and fail than work again after it cools? as stated the set wilI work for hours than fail than work again after being off for as little as 5 minutes.

I do not understand the use of the cold spray---to do this the back of the set must be off is this correct? if so how will the set power up with the cover off aren't there safety interlocks? is it safe to spray this board with the set powered up?

as I stated the picture is perfect for up to 2 hours or more-- when would I use the cold spray? at any time or when the screen goes blank? is it possible that the fan on the dmd board is bad or just dirty.

I need to understand when to use the cold spray--if I do it when the picture is clear crisp and bright what will I acclomplish?---if I spray the board after the picture fails will the picture come right back on? what result should expect?

my next actions will depend on your response

Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.
yes it can and does cause these issues,, well the cold spray dont worry about it,, something i do in the field,, and being that it runs hours good,, a hair dryer is needed to actually see it fail,, from using heat,, the reason why i dont tell customers to change the actual DMD is because it has to be uploaded with the info from your dmd,,, and this is tricky for a novice,, need the manual for this ,, basically a software transfer
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

how do I get arround the interlock to try the spray--will the set power up with the back cover off.

to be clear you want me to turn the set on with the cover off (the picture should be fine from a cold start) than use a hair dryer to heat the board to cause the screen to go blank than use the cold spray on the dmd board to see if the picture returns is this correct?

how long should the hair dryer be used and on what setting I'm sure if I over do the hair dryer I can damage the board.

in the event that the board is bad is it worth to invest in a new light engine for $500-600 for a set of this age--will the power supply, ballast and other boards have any life left in them or are they prone to failure at this age?

also I beleive I removed the light engine when I replaced the color wheel and it was pretty straight forward--will the replacement of the light engine be cut and dry or will there be alignment issues or other concerns---in other words is a rebuilt engine a plug and play item---by the way I am an automotive tech by trade

Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

theres no need in playing with the tv,, the dmd is the problem,, But if you choose to just use a hairdryer thats all,, it should fail faster,, And i really dont want you testing beyond just a little heat,, these questions your asking scares me so i dont like a novice doing this,, great your auto tech,, and you pulled the lite engine But now the issue in fixing the tv,, if you contact the companies that rebuild them and even search for more i think you will be pleased at the prices,, And yes you have pulled the engine once so this is all simple for you.. And your most important question,, the lite engine will be ok,, but again if you remove the dmd this is when alignments come into play,,, thats why i tell people to stay away from this,, but your a smart guy if you felt like playing with it,, down load the service manual and go for it buddy,, thats it buddy good luck to you

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.
wow you feel this way,, i will opt out and have another tech help you wow,,