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My Samsung Tv LNT4053HX will ot turn on or off. Blue light

Resolved Question:

My Samsung Tv LNT4053HX will ot turn on or off. Blue light @ bottom (when plugged) immediately turns on (without sound) and will not power on to find signal from any device. Periodic colored lines appear and disappear from screen, or a colored or dimly lit background appears, all cycling every 15 to 20 seconds. It will not powere up or off with remote or on off switch on tv.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

Hello friend, Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem, And possibly help you save on these Labor charges today, So please don't Accept my answer unless you are satisfied, Can you please give us some more information so I can better answer your question?


have you any Television electronics experience? if not how can I help you.

Do you have a meter and Tools?

Are to trying to repair your Self?

Just know what to say to the tech, so time isn't a problem in repairs?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes I have electronics background (not specifically TV but Computer and audio tech). I have a meteer and I have tools. Yes I would like to repair myself if possible.


Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

unless you are satisfied,

This is a very simple approach.

(Please click on high lighted words)

Ok I would like for you to open unit and in the middle of the panel is the T-CONN board, it has the LVDS cable going to it and the main board. First try to wiggle the LVDS cable to make sure no loose connections while set is on. Next disconnect LVDS from T-CONN board make sure to not let the cable touch any metal turn set on and see if screen lights up and with a clear screen. If not ok some models won't let you check this way. But if it does the panel is not faulty it is ok, LVDS or main board or T-CONN issue. So let's hope it's the CABLE, LVDS is loose. If you isolate inside the unit you may find your problem much quicker. GOOD luck friend. And if you need to check with a meter,

Would like for you to take your meter and place it on DC voltage the positive end on every connector that says a voltage and the negative wire to the panel this is the best ground. Turn on and see if the unit tries to climb, If you don't find one that's trying to climb suspect it, the 5VDC line if it isn't exact un hook the LVDS cable and see if it goes to 5vdc. Another method is to locate a short circuit, place meter on ohms or beep test follow same procedure no voltage should be shorted to ground. And this is the problem,

Capacitor pictures ,, inverter pictures,, mother boards

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