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Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan, TV Repair Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  Factory trained TV repair technician. U.S. NAVY trained.
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My Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV seems to be stuck in some kind of

Customer Question

My Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV seems to be stuck in some kind of loop. The red light by the power button blinks, I hear the normal "bong" sound like it is powering on, but I get no picture. Within a couple seconds, I hear a click like it is powering down and then the "bong" again. It does this over and over as long as it is plugged in.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 7 years ago.

There are several things that can cause this. Please tell me a little more about your situation so I know where to go with my answer.


What kind of information are you looking for? Trying to fix this yourself or get a good idea of what's wrong and what it will cost?


If you are trying to repair this yourself, what kind of electronic repair experience do you have, do you know how to use a meter and solder?


Please let me know!




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm looking for something that I can do myself. I've noticed on chat boards that others have had a similar problem and some have fixed it by downloading software onto the TV via a memory stick. I'm assuming that I could not do this without being able to see a picture and being able to get to a menu. While I can do basic soldering, I do not have a meter and am not interested in trying to tackle an internal repair. I was hoping that there might be some combination of buttons on the remote control or the TV panel that would allow me to get a picture again. I did notice from the chat board that one owner let this on/off cycle continue for about 20 minutes after which they eventually got a picture. I'm wondering is there is any risk of damaging the TV by letting this cycle continue for 20 minutes or more. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any idea when I will get a response? I like the concept of Just Answer, but it sure seems like a slow process.

Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately I do not believe you need new software or a reset of any kind, there are a couple of things that can cause this but they are internal failures and will require an internal repair.


If you know how to use a meter I can assist you in troubleshooting the problem and completing the repair, otherwise at this point you will need a technician.


I do apologize for the delay, we have a very high volume right now, I will do my best to respond to you ASAP. I will be around for most of this evening so if you are available we can work through your problem.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. This afternoon, I let the on/off cycle go for several minutes and the picture finally came on. I checked the software release and shared with Samsung who said I was current on the software. I turned the TV off and now it is in the on/off loop again.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Your message said that you would be around this evening but it doesn't appear that you are online. Are you?
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 7 years ago.

So the set started working but now is back in the loop again? Do you know how to use a meter?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, as I replied before, I do not want to tackle an internal repair. Let's end this thread. thanks for trying.
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 7 years ago.

This is a very common problem with your tv, what has happened is the power supply has failed, more specifically there are a few caps in the power supply that have most likely failed. The unit will require component replacement to get it working again. A repairman will be required for this repair, you can expect the bill to be around $300.


There is a very slight chance that the problem in on the main board, but I have repaired 100's of power supplies and only had one of them have a bad main board, so I do believe you have the power supply problem as I have mentioned. However if you do have a bad main board, then you could expect the bill to be around $500.


I am sorry that I don't have a magic button or a quick fix for you on this one, but component replacement will be required.



Please never accept an answer until you are 100% satisfied and feel you can leave positive feedback. If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don't hesitate to ask!


If I have answered your questions and met your needs then please press the green "accept" button. Otherwise please feel free to ask anything else to get your problem resolved. Positive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you,
Tim Nolan

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