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I have Hl-R5656W Samsung DLP, Screen was getting dark upon

Customer Question

I have Hl-R5656W Samsung DLP, Screen was getting dark upon turning on a week or so ago, then two days ago I heard a loud pop and the pic went black. Visual inspection of the bulb shows no black and filiment looks connected, don't know if that matters or not. But after putting the old bulb back in and turning it on the TV makes a loud noise and some flashing coming from below the bulb.

I ordered a new bulb but don't want to install it until I know if maybe the ballast is really the problem, if that is what is rigt below the bulb housing?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Joe replied 7 years ago.
It is the the bulb, the filament can and will look fine but those bulb build up a internal resistance and will causes your TV to go into a shut down mode.If your TV is more than a year old and you have never change it . It is a real good chance it is the bulb , even when it looks good.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This was no more helpful than the free advice I rec'd on-line at other sites, in fact less so. It did not address the noise concern or if I should hold off on installing the new bulb. This is an example of the better answer I had for free. I do not accept this answer.

---------------------------This is an example of a better one I got...

Lamps typically go out over time - in that they get dim to the point where viewable brightness isn't achieved. They don't typically "pop", although, I've seen a few lamps over the years that have had internal breakage that isn't noticable.

If the lamp is flashing, this could be chalked up to a loose filament in the lamp itself, but obviously, it's difficult to say for sure without being able to look at it. And even then, it's not something you can always see. Lamps don't turn black, at least in the traditional sense like a light bulb would, and a black lamp is something I still have yet to see, so that may not be the best criteria to determine if the lamp is shot or not. But the filament inside can go over time, and it's not usually a visible change when it does.

Are the noises limited to the "hard-drive sound" of the color wheel spinning up, or is there clicking? (Thses are normal). If there's something else you're hearing, it may not be normal and may point to a different issue.

But losing a lamp after 4-5 years of average-to-heavy usage is about par for the course. So it's likely that your new lamp was the right direction.

Also, just so it's said, make sure that you don't touch the face of the lamp with your fingers, or attempt to clean it while you install it.

Keep me posted.