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Eric, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  TV Repairman for over 30 years, still working in the field
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I have a Samsung DLP HL-R6168W and i am getting crawling moss.

Customer Question

I have a Samsung DLP HL-R6168W and i am getting crawling moss. I have replaced ballast, fans, color wheel, and lamp. What part could it be ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

Hi my name is Eric,

I can help you with your issue,

Please tell me a better description of the symptom, crawling moss ?

Is this distortion over the picture or is there no picture just a pattern on the screen.

Also does it effect the TV menu?

Is it on every input?



If you need more assistance,please tell me your technical ability,

1 I can solder and check voltages and want to know what board/part is bad so I can fix it myself

2 I am pretty good at figuring things out, but do not want to open the Tv up

3 I just know how to turn on my TV

This way, I can help you without getting to technical unless needed.

If I have helped you with your issue please click accept.

If you have more questions you can still respond until this post expires,

I will reply asap



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Description of crawling Moss:


Crawling moss" is seen in dark areas of a movie or TV show.This is a picture artifact known as dynamic false contouring, and it is usually seen on older plasma, DLP rear-projection and some LCD TVs.



i would say over or around, there is picture and it is watchable but not the quality HD picture that this TV delivered up until a month or two ago.


I believe the menu is affected.


The crawling moss does affect any device input to the TV (Cable, Xbox360, Wii, DVD-receiver).


Technical ability is between a 1 and 2:

I opened the TV and replaced the fans (both), Color Wheel, lamp ballast. I am very comfortable inside a PC (in fact my background and education is in Computer Hardware/ Computer Science) but i have not soldered in a long time and would give it a try on a cheap inexpensive part or device that is unrepairable otherwise but when it becomes something worth considerable value and is still serviceable rather not. I do have a volt meter and could check voltages if required. I am also a big Home theater enthusiast and am only limited by the money i have to spend and the thin floors that separate me and my downstairs neighbor.



TV (Samsung 61" DLP 1080P HL-R6168W)

into TV = Xbox360 (HDMI for video)

Into TV = Cable box Scientific Alantic (HDMI for Video)

Into TV = Wii (component sound and video)


Pelican Audio/video switch/hub (only used for Audio)

into switch = Xbox360 (optical for sound)

into switch = Cable box (optical for sound)


Receiver/DVD (JVC) (satellite speakers with sub woofer)

from switch = (optical for sound) (Xbox360, Cable box)


decent surge protection

Use Cox cable. Have Internet connection.


Background on problem:


TV started making noise (clunking sound).

I ordered and installed/replaced both fans.

Still making noise. Did research...color Wheel possible cause

ordered and installed/replaced color wheel (made sure to vacuum all the broken glass)

No more noise.


New problem (not seen before)...Crawling moss. I cant remember if it happened shortly after replacing the color wheel or it was there since replacing the color wheel. either way it wasn't long before we had moss.


Talked to samsung support and after getting through their script he mentioned the DMD board or chip needs service/replacement.

Knowing it could be lamp related and the lamp ballast was cheap ($100) and easy to replace i ordered this first to eliminate it.


Still have moss and i think it is getting worse.

So doing some research in buying replacing the DMD board/chip and before i committed to the $400 -$1000 this part might be i stumbled upon your site.


So i am looking to define what is causing the moss.

whether it is an adjustment of a working part or setting or do i need to replace a part and which part and where to buy it at a good price from a reputable seller. If it is teh DMD board chip i would like to know do i buy the chip, the board, or both together and the differences.


Thank you for your time,

Mike Egbert


Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.


When you installed the color wheel was there a paper stick with colorwheel timing settings? I don't know how important they are but I usually adjust them to the tags settings. If you threw the tag out the colorwheel timing may be off.

A not much mentioned setting that I adjust is called " Index Delay"

located in the service menu within a submenu called DDP1011 , Adjust the Index for a solid color car across the bottom.

Enter the service menu start with the TV off press Mute 1 8 2 power

use the arrows up/ down to navigate , side to side for adjusting.

menu to back up and power off to save.

Try this Index setting and let me know if it helps.



If it help please click accept.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you.


I dont recall a paper stick coiming in the box of the replacement part. Is adjusting the "index delay" the same as adjusting the timing settings with the paper stick ?


I will try this adjustment setting tonight when i get home and eitheir followup with you tomorrow or accept.




Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

I meant paper sticker , it has numbers on it and you can stick it to the TV's back for future reference.

No, the index delay syncronizes the base portion color wheel with the corresponding color signal.

The other settings are specific for the colorwheel itself . Some come with a tag some don't.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Ok i went into the service menu and entered the Index Display like you mentioned. I was able to adjust the color to where it was pretty close to being one color. This did not affect the moss much if any at all. I tried going through some of the settings because i thought it might be a Red,Green, Blue, Yellow, White alignment issue but i am not seeing ghosts or misalignment when there is a picture just the purplish red moss (depneding on background of picture) I tried adjusting some other settings (at least the ones i understood what they were) and to no avail. Is there a service manual (link or PDF) that has more detailed information on the service menu details and adjustments. I would be willing to try and mess with this more if i knew more about what to change other than the basics.


I also tried a user reset to factory settings and to no avail...


What is next please ?

Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

Here is the adjustment PDF linked

Could be its the digital board going bad also read this

I Hope this helps



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

You are the man...


Nice work with the documents and link to forums.


I am planning on getting into teh tv tonight and trying some adjustments.


Even if we dont get this resolved i will accept when we are done because you have been a pleasant surprise and i am very happy to have stumbled upon this site.


in fact i am thinking about applying to become a PC expert. Can you tell me more about your experience working there ? [email protected]



Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

I love it, just a part timer

I forces me to keep me sharp about the lastest technical stuff

Best of luck




Eric and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
well i took it back apart and no luck on making the picture nay better. Thanks for your help.
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

It could be the


Digital Board

or possibly the analog board

If the TV menu looks fine the issue may not be the DMD

The DMD has a chip in the middle that bolts onto it

I have order recieved and installed both the DMD chip and board with chip on it.

try the digital board fix first (bolt or spring pressure on the chip)

best of luck