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Chandan, Hobbyist
Category: TV
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Experience:  B.Tech SOA University. Currently I'm a a hobbyist who loves mending appliances
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All I get on my TV is a blank white screen, WHY

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Thank you for using

Can you explain your question in more details:-

1.What is the model number?

2.Is the sound normal?

3.How old is your tv?

4.Is there any blinking light in the front panel?

5.Have you tried anything to solve your problem?




Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
It is a 13 + year old RCA and at first the Direct TV local channels would not come on and we discovered the plug to the cable box was loose. I got it fixed and when I put the TV back suddenly all I got was snow. I called Direct TV again and they said it was supposed to be on Antenna B. I went to setup and it "says" it is now in B BUT all I get is a white screen and no sound or pictures.
is there lines in the white?

Is there any blinking light in the front panel?-If yes then in what sequence?

What is the model number?





Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
NO white lines and no blinking. I do not know the model number. I is a HUGE TV set.

The model number will be displayed on a tag on the back of the TV near where the power cord is attached.


One last question:have you tried playing dvd and see if the problem still persists.






if the problem still persists then the problem is in the video circuit and a repair will range $120-$160.

Dont hesitate to ask any further if you dont understand even after accepting.

I will be always ready to make myself very clear.









GreetingsCustomer since the model number of your TV is not known, it is not possible to estimate the repair cost so the above estimate is not valid. In addition, the problem may not be in the "video circuit" since there can be other causes to your problem.

If at all possible, can you try to provide the model number of the TV? This is important so that the information provided to you is specific to your particular TV and not general in nature.

Can you also provide the model of the Direct TV or cable box?

What type of connection do you have going to the Direct TV or cable box?

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Nobody has really been able to answer my question and for some reason i have picture and sound today. I am having Direct TV come out and check it out as it appears to be in THEIR system.

Since Rohit has spent so much time trying to help I will click accept.
The question was not answerable without knowing the model number.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
I understand that but each time I mess with this tv I take a chance of it falling on the floor or going out completely.

It also is not the TV itself giving me the grief, It was Direct TV!
That was why I asked for information on all the components, chances are it could have been just a cable connection.

Sorry, but when an "expert" who guesses at an answer without being qualified to answer TV questions in the first place gets paid for a wrong answer, it encourages them to continue providing inaccurate information to unknowing customers.

I have been repairing TV's for a good many years and can spot guesswork a mile away.

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Yes it appears to be Direct TV's receiver as now I cannot get information on the shows. They are coming out to fix it.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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