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I was trying to remove the cable tv cord from the back of my

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I was trying to remove the cable tv cord from the back of my set, and the whole thing...including the part that stays with the tv..came off. Can it be fixed?

Yes it can be fixed. Do you have a small soldering iron and some mechanical skill - what type of TV is it? CRT, LCD, Plasma? Manufacture and model number will let us assist you better.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No, don't have a soldering iron, but sure I can get one. The tv is Symphonic 27". The model is WF2702.


This should be no serious problem if it just came lose off of the back and wasn't completely pulled out. The antenna input connector has a nut on the back that threads against the back, it may have just come lose. If it broke completely or broke the wires attached, you can get a replacement at Radio Shack (sometimes) - or a good TV repair shop. Unplug the TV and remove all connections. Remove the screws holding the back on the TV - there will probable be at least six places - one or two in each corner, and one on each side - look carefully, because they are good a recessing them. Pull the cover gently off the back - careful not to pull any wires that may be connected to the back. When you get the back off a few inches, you will see some wires attached to the back. They are usually connected with detachable connectors, that you can remove, or the wires are tied to the side and can be released to place it slightly aside.

The antenna input connector will have a wire that normally goes to the tuner. If its broken off of the connector, and there is no damage to the back of the TV, tighten the connector back on and re solder the wires to the connector. If it broke the plastic back, making the hole bigger and there is enough thread, you can use a washer to make if fit back on the TV back cover. If it is damaged you can get a replacement as mentioned above.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll try that. It gives me a little hope as I am on a very fixed, and tight, budget. If I can't fix it, no room in the budget for a new one. Thanks for your help.

Just be careful pulling the back off - so you don't pull off any other wires that may be attached and then not know where to attach them back.

Have a good day - and feed back is greatly appreciated.